November 15, 2007 - ArtPace | San Antonio - NEW WORKS: 07.3
November 15, 2007


Left to right: Chris Evans, You are the Sovereign, 2007; Matthew Buckingham, Within the Sound of Your Voice, 2007 (still); Alex Rubio, El Carreton (The Cart), 2007.


445 North Main Avenue
San Antonio, Texas 78205

Artpace San Antonio is pleased to announce New Works: 07.3 selected by guest curator Alex Farquharson, Director, Centre for Contemporary Art, Nottingham, England, presenting new projects by Matthew Buckingham (New York, New York), Chris Evans (London, England and Berlin, Germany), and Alex Rubio (San Antonio, Texas).

At Artpace, Matthew Buckingham presents Half Remembered, bringing together a group of video, audio, and performance works that examine popular interest in archiving, handwriting, and the nature of public space. The silent black-and-white video Within the Sound of Your Voice shows dozens of semi-anonymous individuals as they handwrite the title phrase of the work, and Infinite Tuning, a four-channel audio loop recording, features the sounds of an orchestra warming up, extending and repeating the sounds to heighten a sense of anticipation. All the works in the exhibition examine various modes of communication and historical documentation, investigating how these practices enable social tuning and synchronization.

Chris Evans‘ Artpace project, What’s the point of revolution without copulation, copulation, copulation? hinges on a debate between individual freedom and collective responsibility, embodied respectively by the famous hedonist Marquis de Sade and the radical journalist and revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat. The installation includes You are the Sovereign, a maquette of a champagne decanter honoring Marat proposed by the artist to the vintner Laurent Perrier, accompanied by the letter of proposal and a photograph of the maquette being presented to a representative of a pharmaceutical company that develops remedies for dermatologic ailments similar to that suffered by Marat. Such lateral connections and counterpoints form the basis of the exhibition, which also features an airbrush painting on glass proposed for installation in a courthouse, and a pitch for a science fiction, psychological horror film.

At the heart of Alex Rubio‘s Artpace exhibition, El Carreton (The Cart), is a fantastical, larger-than-life, metal grocery cart. Installed on a graffiti-covered platform, the sculpture is framed by a stylized fence and building painted in vibrant shades of red, yellow, and orange. Wall signatures, neon accents, a video montage, and an audio piece add to the rich sensory experience of the installation. Informed by his interest in collaboration, Rubio’s project brought together San Antonio artists Cathy Cunningham, Rudy Galindo, Adriana Garcia, Luis Chispas Guerrero, Phil Luna, Manuel Soliz, and David “Shek” Vega to create a sculptural installation that projects an intimate, yet panoramic sense of San Antonio’s vibrant Latino neighborhoods
and communities.

Exhibition Information

New Works: 07.3 is made possible by the Linda Pace Foundation; City of San Antonio’s Office of Cultural Affairs; National Endowment for the Arts, which believes that a great nation deserves great art; Nimoy Foundation; The Brown Foundation, Inc.; and Melva Bucksbaum and Raymond Learsy; with additional support from The Cultural Collaborative, a division of the City of San Antonio Office of Cultural Affairs; and the Texas Commission on the Arts.

About Artpace

Artpace San Antonio serves as a laboratory for the creation and advancement of international contemporary art. Artpace believes that art is a dynamic social force that inspires individuals and defines cultures. Our residencies, exhibitions, and education programs nurture the creative expression of emerging and established artists, while actively engaging youth and adult audiences.

Artpace is located downtown at 445 North Main Avenue, between Savings and Martin streets, San Antonio, Texas. Free parking is available at 513 North Flores. Artpace is open to the public Wednesday through Sunday, 12-5 PM, Thursday, 12-8 PM, and by appointment. Admission is free.


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