October 23, 2007 - STUK — House for Dance, Image & Sound - New live art festival
October 23, 2007

New live art festival

Live Art Festival

03 Nov – 10 Nov 07

Naamsestraat 96, B-3000 Leuven Belgium
T + 32 [0]16 320 320
info [​at​] stuk.be


A new festival for visual arts and performance

With an ever increasing number of artists exploring the boundaries between various art disciplines, STUK Art Centre launches a new live art festival. With Playground STUK focuses specifically on the interface between visual arts and performing arts. This international live art festival presents performances, installations and actions which differ from the familiar formats. Many of these performances are new productions, or feature the Belgian premiere of productions from abroad. As part of an international context, the annual festival Playground cooperates with a number of international organisations.

Games People Play is the result of a unique cooperation between visual artists Richard Venlet, Dora García, and theatre company Transquinquennal. A performance in which the lead character is not played by an actor, but by a work of art. The same happens in The Expected, in which the film The Victim by artist Keren Cytter engages in a dialogue with a group of musicians who give a live concert performance. Guy de Cointet (1934-1983) created performances presenting his coloured art objects as props. His performance Tell Me, first shown in L.A. in 1979, will be restaged. Jimmy Robert and Ian White refer in a minimal, theatrical manner to elements from the history of culture. Cristina Blanco and Bill Aitchison operate in the field of dance performance, but focus on the object character of events. Several others artists explore the boundary between reality and fiction with a series of performances for a small audience.

Living Currency is both an exhibition set in a theatre and a three hour play in which artworks and performances are presented. On the stage, within a well-defined time frame, the focus is on the interaction between visual art and live arts. This unique project consists of artworks, performances and actions by fifteen international artists, curated by Pierre Bal-Blanc. With works by: Ceal Floyer, Dan Graham, Sanja Ivekovic, Prinz Gholam, Felix Gonzalez Torres, Jens Haaning, David Lamelas, Teresa Margolles, Roman Ondák, Santiago Sierra, Isidoro Valcárcel Medina, Franz Erhard Walther, Lawrence Weiner, Cerith Wyn Evans and Artur Zmijewski.

Playground also presents several installations in which live performances take place. Erwin Wurm invites visitors to perform his One Minute Sculptures following his instructions. In an intimate monologue, Tris Vonna-Michell loads his installations with extraordinary stories. Yael Davids approaches the body from an abstract perspective and creates a human architecture.

Coordinator Playground: Eva Wittocx

Programme Playground 03 Nov – 10 Nov 2007


Dora Garcia, Richard Venlet, Eric Thys & Transquinquennal ‘Games People Play’
Sat 3 and Mon 5 Nov, 8:30pm

Guy de Cointet ‘Tell Me’
Sat 3 Nov, 10pm and Sun 4 Nov, 8:30pm

Yael Davids ‘A Line, a Word, a Sentence.’
Sat 3, Wed 7 and Fri 9 Nov, between 8pm and 10pm

Tris Vonna-Michell ‘Tall Tales & Short Stories’
Sat 4, Sun 5 and Mon 6 Nov, between 8pm and 10pm

Wilbert Bulsink, Keren Cytter, Thomas Myrmel and The Expected Folio Ensemble ‘The Expected’
Sun 4 Nov, 7:30pm and Mon 5 Nov, 10pm

Jimmy Robert & Ian White ‘Mariage à la Mode et Cor Anglais’
Tue 6 Nov and Wed 7 Nov, 8:30pm

Tue 6 Nov and Thu 8 Nov, 9:30pm

‘Living Currency’
Thu 8, Fri 9 and Sat 10 Nov, between 8pm and 11pm

Bill Aitchison ‘27/7/52’
Fri 9 Nov and Sat 10 Nov, 8:30pm

Installations by Erwin Wurm, Yael Davids, Tris Vonna-Michell, Random Scream, Vaast Colson, Miet Warlop, Wannes Goetschalckx and Ruben Kindermans permanently on view from 7pm till 11pm.

Symposium on the interface between visual arts and live arts
Thu 8 Nov, 2pm – 6pm

More information and detailed programme: www.playgroundfestival.be

STUK Artcentre
Naamsestraat 96, B-3000 Leuven Belgium
T + 32 [0]16 320 320

STUK — House for Dance, Image & Sound
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