October 5, 2007 - Beursschouwburg - Stefano Cagol
October 5, 2007

Stefano Cagol

Stefano Cagol, FLU POWER FLU, 2007. White neon tubes, white Plexiglas letters, metallic structure, 1.50 x 13 m, blinking light.

Stefano Cagol: FLU POWER FLU
One-year-long public art installation
Opening: September 29, 2007

Curated by Cis Bierinckx

A. Ortsstraat 20-28, 1000 Brussels
T: +32.(0)2.5500350
F: +32.(0)2.5500340

“The Art Center Beursschouwburg in Brussels commissioned Stefano Cagol to realize a new work for the front of the classic building in the heart of Brussels.

Cagol’s work FLU POWER FLU doesn’t miss it’s effect with the Marriot Hotel facing the Art Center, the stock exchange on the side and Brussels as house of the Nato and the European Community.

Power is a worse virus than HIV or other bad bacteria as it can’t be beaten. It intimidates all forms of freedom and leads only to destruction and perversity. Power, in all it’s forms, has become one of the worst influenza’s which is slowly killing mankind.

Stefano Cagol’s light sculpture flashes day and night as a statement, as a ‘Soziale Skulptur’ with a direct activist message.”
Cis Bierinckx, Artistic Director Beursschouwburg Brussels

With the big neon words FLU POWER FLU emblazoned on the building, this project continues Stefano Cagols investigations into contemporary influences developed through the BIRD FLU VOGELGRIPPE intervention in Auguststrasse at the 4th Berlin Biennale, and with the POWER STATION official satellite project at the Singapore Biennale 06.

During the next season, the Art Center Beursschouwburg will realize a panel focused on the FLU POWER FLU installation.

For info, please contact Sinta Wibowo, artistic coordinator: sinta@beursschouwburg.be

For press inquires, please contact Kris Mouchaers, press and communication: kris@beursschouwburg.be

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