September 4, 2007 - Monografik éditions - presents new publications
September 4, 2007

presents new publications

monografik éditions presents

Eric Duyckaerts – Belgian Pavilion
Catalog (Biennale di Venezia)
Authors : Eric Duyckaerts, Jacques Dubois,
Christine Macel, Hans-Ulrich Obrist
Graphic Designers : M/M paris

Tours Architectures –
Philippe Chiambaretta

Authors : Marie-Ange Brayer, Clément Dirié,
Alain-Julien Laferrière, Aurélien Gillier
Graphic Designer : Yann Rondeau

Lucas Lenglet – Stair caises
Authors : Lucas Lenglet
Graphic Designer : Yvonne van Versendaal

Available on :

ERIC DUYCKAERTS – Belgian Pavilion – Venice 2007 :

In 2007, the artist representing the Belgian pavilion at the Venice Biennale 52nd International Art Exhibition was Éric Duyckaerts. Since the mid-80s, this Belgian artist has developed a body of work blending performance and video, and more recently objects and installations, to flesh out his conferences. The artist offers demonstrations that lead to hare-brained and illogical conclusions, the whole of it shored up by apparently meticulous research and an abundance of references. His interest lies more in analyzing the figure of the educator and its symbolism than in the conclusions drawn by his demonstrations.

This catalogue, published for the Venice Biennale, chronicles the artist’s trajectory and presents his major works. It also acquaints the reader with the performance entitled “Palais des glaces et de la découverte”, the work created especially for the Belgian pavilion.

Éric Duyckaerts has joined forces with graphic art duo M/M Paris, Michaël Amzalag and Mathias Augustyniak. Besides the catalogue, the Parisian graphic artists have also designed special PR materials for the project, all under the auspices of the Belgian pavilion commissioner, Christine Macel. The catalogue includes numerous illustrations and critical texts by Christine Macel (Contemporary Art Curator, Centre Pompidou, Paris) and Jacques Dubois (Philosoph, Brussel), as well as a long interview conducted by critic Hans Ulrich Obrist (Co-director Serpentine Gallery, London).


In the framework of his research in contemporary art and architecture, architect Philippe Chiambaretta/PCA has been led to reflect upon the communicating functions of a façade for the Centre de Création Contemporaine (CCC) in the city of Tours (France). Designed to be a process that generates an irrational, virtual shape, the CCC façade calls out to the city, offering visitors multiple viewpoints that waves between optical and physical effects. The same process was used in a demolition/reconstruction project at La Défense (Paris’ business district). An example of theoretical research made concrete on a large scale.

LUCAS LENGLET – Lucas Lenglet

Edited for his first exhibition in France at Palais de Tokyo, Paris, Lucas Lenglet’s book goes further than the exhibition in showing forgotten spaces like staircases. Designed and thought as an artist book, this book is a limited edition of 500 copies.
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Press Partner : art press
Editorial Partners :
Belgian Pavilion, Venice 2007 ;
Musée d’art contemporain, Rochechouart ;
Musée des Beaux-arts, Angers ;
Galerie Chez Valentin, Paris ;
Galerie Magda Danysz, Paris ;
Galerie Fernand Léger – Centre d’Art, Ivry ;
Galerie Hervé Loevenbruck, Paris ;
Mondriaan Stichting (Mondriaan Foundation), Amsterdam ;
Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Rennes ;
ShowOff Fair, Paris ;
Groupe Foncière des Régions (European Real Estate Group), Paris ;
Les Maçons Parisiens, Massy ;
Centre de Création Contemporaine, Tours ;
Villa Arson, Nice.

Forthcoming books from Monografik:
Anthony McCall / elements for a retrospective 1972-1979/2003 ;
Guillaume Leblon / Vade-mecum ;
Catherine Ikam / Digital Diaries ;
ECDM / Immeuble Louis Blanc Paris ;
Architectonomes Vol. 01 / “Doudou” Workshop ;
Hervé TTrioreau / BP 297 bis ;
Pascale Kaparis / Parce que je ne rêve pas ;
Pascal Broccolichi / Sounds & Spaces ;
Pierre Besson / Inner ;
Paul Ardenne & Régis Durand / Images Mondes ;
Alexandre Castant / Planètes Sonores ;
The Villa Arson Book.

Recent & Backlist :
Icon Tada / Digitals Paintings ;
Gabor ösz / Camera Architectura ;
Olivier Dollinger / Low Commotion ;
Ultralab / Samaran 2 ;
ShowOffParis06 – The Book.

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