August 28, 2007 - Book Works - New Titles
August 28, 2007

New Titles

New Titles for 2007

Book Works
19 Holywell Row, London EC2A 4JB

New Titles published in Fabrications, a series edited for Book Works by Gerrie van Noord
The So-called Utopia Of The Centre Beaubourg: An Interpretation by Luca Frei (September 2007)

An interpretive translation of Albert Meister’s fictional account of a libertarian space under the Centre Beaubourg, originally published in 1976 under the pseudonym Gustave Affeulpin. Co-published by Book Works and CASCO, Utrecht. Printed offset, 208 pages with a colour soft cover. Designed by Luca Frei.

Luca Frei will be in discussion with Alun Rowlands, and public works, at the Friday Session on 14 September 2007, and performing a reading at the Elastic Gallery, Malmö, in October.
Today in History/Tarihte Bugün by Ahmet Ögüt (September 2007)

Drawings and stories, extracted from Turkish newspapers, raising questions about the construction of history. Co-published by Book Works and Platform Garanti, Istanbul. Printed offset, b&w, 72 pages, with a soft cover. Designed by Secondary Modern.
Today in History/Tarihte Bugün will be launched during the Istanbul Biennial at Platform Garanti, Istanbul on 7 September 2007.
New Titles published in Singular Sociology, a series commissioned for Book Works by Nav Haq
A Stella Key To The Summerland by Olivia Plender (October 2007)

Mimicking the techniques of nineteenth century pamphlets, a graphic novel exploring the hidden history of the Modern Spiritualist movement. Printed offset in b&w, 128 pages, with a soft cover. Designed by Sara De Bondt.
Proximity Machine by Rosalind Nashashibi (October 2007)

Found and re-photographed images edited into associative groups, constructing fragments of narratives in which unexpected projections, shapes, and mythologies materialise. Printed offset, colour, 80 pages, soft cover. Designed by Sara De Bondt,
New Titles published by Book Works
3 Communiqués by Alun Rowlands (September 2007)
3 Communiqués is a documentary fiction charting a journey through three marginal histories of communalism. It renegotiates utopian propositions as a way of both making art and as a tool for progressive thinking. Printed offset, b&w and colour, three pamphlets, 80 pages, gatefold binding. Designed by Secondary Modern.
Vox Populi, Tokyo by Fiona Tan (September 2007)

The third in the series of Vox Populi publications, presenting us with a social portrait selected from personal and private family photo albums. Drawing on the documentary tradition, in combination with contemporary concerns of participation and egalitarianism, Vox Populi, Tokyo continues this ever-expanding mappo mundi.
Vox Populi, Tokyo is published by Book Works in association with Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich and Siemans Arts Program. Printed offset, full colour, 128 pages, with a soft cover. Designed by Gabrielle Franziska Götz, with an essay by Chris Keulemans.
New Titles published in Book Works’ Chap Books Series
Letters 20042006: Confirmation That You Still Exist; I Respect Your Authority; When Will It End; One London by Martin John Callanan (March 2007)

Collected here are a selection of responses to a series of letters mailed between 2004-06. Published as part of the Chap Books’ Series (No 8), printed offset, full colour, 48 pages, with a soft cover. Designed by Valle Walkley.
Not So Too Much Of Much Of Everything by NaoKo TakaHashi (March 2007)

The narrator takes the reader on a breathless journey through the air-conditioned rooms and arid streets of the modern Arab metropolis. Her every move, whether in solidarity with Arab women, street cleaners and bar staff, or confronting male hostility, is misread; her identity repeatedly forced upon her, manipulated and rendered paranoid. Printed offset, b&w, 72 pages with a colour soft cover. Designed by Emma Peascod.

Book Works is supported by Arts Council England

Book Works
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