July 20, 2007 - LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre - Presents It’s Simply Beautiful
July 20, 2007

Presents It’s Simply Beautiful

In-sight into the subject of beauty in current contemporary art
July 27th – October 15th

LABoral Centre for Art and Creative Industries
Los Prados, 121
33394 Gijón (Asturias) Spain
Tel: +34 985 185 577
Opening Hours: Wednesday to Monday, 12 noon – 8 pm
info [​at​] laboralcentrodearte.org


This project including artists from the France, United Kingdom, the United States and Thailand, will demonstrate the artists’ cohesive vision and their commitment to exploring new and active roles for the artists in society. The exhibition plans on raising questions such as what is beautiful? Can beautiful art works raise visitors spirits?

CARLOS CORONAS. Avilés (Spain), 1964. Site specific installation.
DZINE (Carlos Rolon; USA) lowrider bicycles with large gallery installation
SURASI KUSOLWONG (T) outdoor/entry installation to the building
MARK TITCHNER (GB) large scale text piece for entry wall
FABIEN VERSCHAERE (F) major sculptural installation

PETER DOROSHENKO. Director of The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Newcastle.
JÉRÔME SANS. Activities Director of The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art.
Gameworld 30.03.07-10.09.07

Concept: Proposes a narrative between new art creation using technology and its artistic and historical legacy. The show will overview the progress made to present.

Curated by Carl Goodman
Associate Curator: Daphne Dragona
Advising Curator: Helen Stuckey
Exhibition Design: Leeser Architecture

Extensions-Anchors Phase II. 06.07.07-30.09.07

Concept: The Art Centre “expands” outside its headquarters in Gijón in search of the complicity of artists from Asturias. This exhibition, to be developed in two phases, will create unexpected art circuits through the region, in spaces outside traditional conurbations. With this “anchorage,” LABoral evidences its wish for presence, integration and free flowing dialogue with society.

Curator: Francisco Crabiffosse
Artists: Paco Cao, Soledad Córdoba, Carlos Coronas, Chechu y Juan Fernández Álava, Dionisio González, Fernando Redruello y Aurora Suárez
Whether for ethical, economical or technical reasons more and more digital artists are using, or interested in using, free software in their work. And this is despite the serious lack of specific training in the field.
Conception: Hangar
Organises: LABoral Centre for Art and Creative Industries
Video: Record, Generate, Perform
This workshop will focus on the creation of programmes for the use of real time video-VJing, installations and interactive video.
Dates: 06. – 10.08.2007
Audio: From Real Time to the Studio and back Again
This workshop will combine live audio performance and generation with the skills required to record and mix tracks.
Dates: 13. – 17.08.2007
Hardware: Arduino and Open Electronics
Arduino arduino.cc/ is an open-source physical computing platform that is revolutionizing the interactive arts.
Dates: 20. – 24.08.2007

LABoral Centre for Art and Creative Industries is a space for artistic exchange. It is set up with the purpose of establishing an effective alliance between art, design, culture, industry and economic progress and the goal of becoming a space for interaction and dialogue between art, new technologies and industrial creation. It throws a special spotlight on production, creation and research into art concepts still being defined.

LABoral Centre for Art and Creative Industries

LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre
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