July 14, 2007 - CIRCA: Contemporary Art in Ireland - Issue 120 Out Now
July 14, 2007

Issue 120 Out Now

Front cover: Gerard Byrne: 1984 and beyond (detail), 2005, DVD still; courtesy Green on Red Gallery.

Circa Issue 120, Summer 2007

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The summer issue of Ireland’s leading magazine for contemporary visual art is now on sale. The 112 full-colour pages include news, feature articles, reviews, projects, a host of images, and advertising from Ireland’s main art spaces.
Feature articles
Gobal enterprise: Gerard Byrne and Willie Doherty at the 2007 Venice Biennale Gavin Murphy looks at the Venice phenomenon, and the two ‘pavilions’ from Ireland | New-media art: An Irish context Paul O’Brien looks at some key players in the field of new-media art in Ireland | The gender gap revisited Cristina Martín de Vidales and Sophie Nellis examine Circa’s performance in relation to gender bias in coverage | What exactly is your reader profile anyway? Peter FitzGerald gives the results of a recent Circa reader survey | Well, speak of the devil! Art-world spectacle from Dubai to Dublin Joan Fowler tackles spectacle and chicness in contemporary art | Letter from Vancouver Jason McCaffrey gives a tour d’horizon from Canada’s west coast |
Belfast Joanna Karolini The Bath is hot Slavka Sverakova | Julie Westerman Thinly veiled and barely | ev+a 2007 Fergal Gaynor | London Brian Hand A Decision to love Isobel Harbison | New York Armory Gemma Tipton | Paris Samuel Beckett Judith Wilkinson | Portadown Rita Duffy and Paul Muldoon Cuchulain comforted and Cloth – two visual and verbal collaborations David Hughes | Tasmania An other place Maria Kunda |
Gareth Kennedy and Sarah Browne: Episode 306: Dallas, Belfast

Also available for online purchase: Space: Architecture for Art, a Circa book on the theory and practice of art spaces; it includes a comprehensive directory to visual-arts spaces throughout the island of Ireland. More information at www.recirca.com/space

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CIRCA: Contemporary Art in Ireland
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