June 26, 2007 - Over het IJ - Simmel’s Draw at Over het IJ Theatre Festival
June 26, 2007

Simmel’s Draw at Over het IJ Theatre Festival

Copyright: Stadsarchief Amsterdam

Simmel’s Draw at Over het IJ Theatre Festival
Exhibition duration: 5 till 15 July

Opening: 5 July, from 19 hours

Location: NDSM-shipyard and surroundings, Amsterdam North

David Michael DiGregorio (co-conceived with Sung Hwan Kim)
Zhana Ivanova
Martín y Sicilia
Tilmann Meyer-Faje
Jesús “Bubu” Negrón
Otobong Nkanga
Erik Olofsen
Michail Pirgelis
Fernando Sánchez Castillo
Kan Xuan

Curators: Bianca Visser and Veronique Hoedemakers

How is conviction inspired? This is the central question posed by the visual arts programme presented during the 15th edition of the Over het IJ Theater Festival, that is being held each year on the esplanade and interior of the monumental NDSM shipyard, located in Amsterdam. The title refers to the 19th century German philosopher Georg Simmel, who wrote an essay about how from his point of view theatre relates to reality. According to Simmel, the role of the actor is decisive in the endeavour to conceive a convincing play. He will not succeed in his assignment if he remains himself, but, on the other hand, he will arouse suspicion if he plays his part too realistically. In both cases, reliability is not accomplished. But, what happens when confidence is gained? In other words: how does the art of credibility function?

Twelve international artists have been invited to produce a new work in the surrounding of the NDSM shipyard. To widen the scope of view on art, the definition expressed by the Spanish philosopher Fernando Savater has been applied. From his point of view, art is a human skill that, once learned, can never be fully mastered.

The exhibition is being generously funded by: Mondrian Foundation, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Stichting Cultuurfonds van de Bank Nederlandse Gemeente.

For updated information on the program and addresses of the venues, times and entrance fees check: www.festivalaandewerf.nl

Over het IJ
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