June 11, 2007 - Best Art Practices - International Award for young curators
June 11, 2007

International Award for young curators

International Award for young curators

Best Art Practices
International award for young curators
First edition theme projects in non-conventional spaces

Announced by Italian Cultural Office of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano South Tyrol
Curated by Denis Isaia


The Award

The Italian Cultural Office of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano South Tyrol, next host of the European Biennal Manifesta, is announcing the first edition of the international competition Best Art Practices International award for young curators.

Best Art Practices will assign prizes to the best curator practices of contemporary art of the last five years.
The theme of the first edition will focus on projects in non-conventional spaces.

The Award accepts only projects that have been completed in the last five years and therefore inaugurated after 1 March 2002. Itinerant events or events taking place over a period of time will be accepted as long as all the phases are concluded by 1 March 2007. The Award is open to all curators of all nationalities born on or after 2 March 1967.
Transmission of data
Entries must arrive by 12 midday of Monday 3rd September 2007 by post, courier or hand delivery at the Award secretary’s office. The postmark will not be considered as proof for the date of arrival of the entry and data sent by email or other means of transmission different from those indicated above will not be accepted.

First prize 10,000
Second prize 3,000
Third prize 2,000
Languages accepted
The data may be sent in Italian, German, English or Spanish.
Composition of the Jury
The international Jury is composed of a Jury President and five commissioners.

President: Carlos Basualdo, curator – Philadelphia Museum of Art
Commissioner: Marion Piffer Damiani, independent curator; Bolzano
Commissioner: Letizia Ragaglia curator Museion; Bolzano
Commissioner: Montse Romaní, independent curator; Barcelona
Commissioner: Anton Vidokle, artist; New York and Berlin
Commissioner: Andrea Viliani, curator Mambo; Bologna
Selection and prize giving

The winners will be selected by the assembled Jury.

At the end of the selection the first 8 placed will be classified. It is within the jurys jurisdiction to proclaim, for valid and justified reason, that no project has reached the winning standard.

The list of the first 8 selected will be published with effect form 12th November 2007 on the website of the Award.

It is also possible that a number of the projects, at the jurys discretion, will form part of an exhibition and in due course a catalogue, and that a number of the competitors may be invited to participate in a conference on this subject.
Enrolment forms, prizes-giving criteria and more information are available at www.bestartpractices.it

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Best Art Practices
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