June 4, 2007 - Poletti Foundation - Stefano Cagol: HEAD FLU, Venice
June 4, 2007

Stefano Cagol: HEAD FLU, Venice

Stefano Cagol, Head Flu, 2007, public art intervention, 2 balloons, 50 m3 helium, 3 girls, 3500 badges, 5000 flyers

Stefano Cagol
HEAD FLU, Venice

Public Art Intervention
June 5 – July 5, 2007

In collaboration with Peggy Guggenheim Collection Venice
Cornice Art Fair Venice
Commissioned by Poletti Foundation

Poletti Foundation is proud to present a public art intervention by Stefano Cagol.
White spheres rise in the sky of the water town – two, big, visible, but at the same time fluctuating, void, suspended.

‘Head’, and ‘Flu’, influenza, influence. Head flu, influence of the head seems to entreat a moment of meditation. On the other hand, the word ‘Head’ detects a balloon, an inflated balloon, an empty pumpkin, which shows the opposite of reasonableness. So the association appears critical, ironical.

As ideal points of suspension, they allow for an open interpretation of the observer, as much as a series of badges virally distributed. This is in fact the other typical tool of propaganda, also used in previous works by Cagol. The badges, with a black writing on a white background like the balloons, through a sequence of associations, show the influences that direct us at the moment: bomb flu, pussy flu, bird flu, art flu, mind flu, techno flu, media flu, beauty flu, ass flu, head flu…

Stefano Cagol’s public art intervention Head Flu in Venice faces the concept of physical and mental, positive and negative influence on a society in which centers of gravity and orders of value are altered. He succeeds by evoking bubbles and power points through a word game that become all one with the use of modalities typical of propaganda.

This project is part of his recent in-depth research developed during last year with the Bird Flu / Vogelgrippe installation in Auguststrasse at the Berlin Biennale, and with the Power Station satellite intervention at the Singapore Biennale.

Stefano Cagol ( www.stefanocagol.com ) holds in 2007 a solo show at NADiff – New Art Diffusion, Tokyo, a solo public project at Beurs Schowburg, Brussels, and a solo show at Priska Juschka Fine Art, New York.

He realizes a project together with Stealth.ultd at Kunst Merano Arte for ‘Fromandto’, and is present at National Museum of Arts of Hanoi for ‘Tendencies of contemporary research’, at National Gallery of New Delhi for ‘The edge of vision’, and at New Chinatown Barbershop of Los Angeles for ‘LA auction’.
Poletti Foundation is main sponsor of Cornice Art Fair Venice.

The Tronchetto area is the gateway to Venice, accessible by boat or by car. There are also very frequent public transport services from all areas of Venice and from the mainland. A boat shuttle service runs continuously between Cornice Art Fair at Tronchetto and the Biennale.

Private reception (invitation only) June 8, 6.30 p.m., VIP Lounge of Cornice Art Fair Venice

Mob. 39.348.7081417


Poletti Foundation
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