June 1, 2007 - Artforum - Summer 2007 in Artforum
June 1, 2007

Summer 2007 in Artforum

Cointet made theatrical performances that defy categorization and yet are absolutely central to a largely unmined history of Conceptual performance art. Connie Butler

Summer 2007 in Artforum

Until now, identity at the frontier, border, customs areaall the flash points of what is inside and outside a nationwas basically a matter of documentation. Your identity documents proved you were who you said you were. But now there is a search for an identity that seeks to find out what your intentions are. At the borders, there is a new biopolitics afoot. Homi K. Bhabha

And: A Kind of True Living. On the occasion of Beijing-based artist Ai Weiweis much-anticipated contribution to Documenta 12Fairytale, for which 1,001 Chinese will be flown to Kasselcritic Philip Tinari looks at the grand arc of the agent provocateurs practice, from his salad days in New York in the 80s to his pivotal role in contemporary Chinese art now.

Election campaigns are so glamorous, so powerful, so precise, and so cruel that they themselves become the object of debate. The campaign is the object of desire. Its the handbag of the political world. Francesco Vezzoli

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