June 1, 2007 - frieze - issue 108 out now
June 1, 2007

issue 108 out now


issue 108 out now

frieze issue 108 out now

I relate my approach to homeopathy, which puts poison in the system in order to generate energy to defeat the weakness. Gustav Metzger

The JuneJulyAugust issue of frieze is themed around ecology. Mark Godfrey talks to Gustav Metzger, one of the key figures of postwar British art, about his work exploring social issues surrounding memory, history and the environment. Influential novelist Brian W. Aldiss examines science fictions fascination with ecological disaster and global apocalypse. Swedish artist Henrik Håkansson has produced a specially commissioned poster for frieze, distributed free inside this issue.

Its hard to get round the fact that most art just isnt particularly environmentally friendly.

Dominic Eichler discusses the work of Tue Greenfort, a Danish artist who drives a bus fuelled by vegetable oil and makes sculptures from recycled materials; and Max Andrews considers work by artists who recognize that environmentalism needs to embrace political, social and economic factors as well as ecological ones.

James Trainor and Ana Paula Cohen report from São Paulo, a vibrant hypercity that fosters an attitude of resourcefulness and cultural cannibalism amongst its artists. Tom Morton reflects on the work of Lara Almarcegui, an Argentinian artist who highlights processes of change in the built environment. The videos and installations of Puerto Rican artist Jennifer Allora and Cuban artist Guillermo Calzadilla, whose work fuses politics, travel and absurdity, intrigue Sally OReilly. American artist Paul Chan responds to the frieze questionnaire.

Plus Focus pieces on British artist Marcus Coates by Jonathan Griffin, Learning Site, the international collective, by Lars Bang Larsen, Colombian artist Alberto Baraya by José Roca and Indias Raqs Media Collective by Francesco Manacorda.

In the front section, Director of the Venice Biennale, Robert Storr, enjoys the temporary distraction of academic sculpture, and George Pendle explores a high-tech cavern designed to hold a back-up the Earths plant life. Curator of this years American Pavilion in Venice, Nancy Spector, asks whether you need to infiltrate a system in order to change it, and Polly Staple laments the faded glamour of air travel.

Also, Santiago García Navarro is impressed by The Eloisa Cartonera publishing houses novel response to the collapse of the Argentine economy and British artist Hamish Fulton lists the movies that have influenced him for Life in Film. Plus our regular review sections devoted to the latest in books, events and music.

The back section includes reviews from Colombia, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, the UK and the USA, including the Sharjah Biennial, WACK!, Robert Beavers, Roni Horn, The Age of Discrepancies, Mark Lewis, Gregor Schneider, Wilhelm Sasnal, Mike Marshall, Ambient Tour, Swetlana Heger, Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani, Bethan Huws, Let Everything Be Temporary, London Fieldworks, The Last Piece by John Fare, Encuentro Internacional Medellin 2007, High Times, Hard Times, Tom Woolner, Benoît Maire, Sleeping Beauty Friends, Shrinking Cities, Grazia Toderi, Models for Tomorrow, New Humans, Margarita Gluzberg, Miriam Bäckström / Kira Carpelan, A.L. Steiner & robbinschilds, and Great White Bear.

frieze art writers prize 2007
This is the second year of the annual award to discover and promote new art critics. Entrants must submit one 700-word review of a recent contemporary art exhibition before 2 July 2007. The winning entrant will be commissioned to write a review for the October issue of frieze and be awarded £2000. For full details see www.frieze.com .

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