May 25, 2007 - ArtReview - June issue out now!
May 25, 2007

June issue out now!

June issue out now!


Cajoling, badgering, interrupting, disturbing this month ArtReview visits artists hard at work on big summer projects for the Venice Biennale, MoMA, the Schaulager and Gagosian.

On newsstands from 17 May
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We publish the profound insights of Robert Gober, a man willing to answer all but one of our questions. Jeff Koons lowers his guard. And voices from across the creative spectrum answer the question: What does Tracey Emin mean to you?

Plus Sophie Calle, David Altmejd, Isa Genzken, Chéri Samba and all that Venice has to offer.

Where do I stand? What do I want? Thomas Hirschhorn

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Highlights from the June issue of ArtReview magazine:

Maybe it was the hulking presence of a badly dressed, testosterone-drunk superman with military-green skin, but Jeff Koons was unsilenceable. Mark Rappolt listened in.

Sophie Calle, representing France at the Venice Biennale, has a few complaints about artist profiles, so our writer, Brian Dillon, decided to impersonate her. All the better to understand a work whose origins lie in an ex-lovers goodbye.

Robert Gober, one of Americas great living artists, has a major retrospective at the Schaulager, a rarity for a man whose preference has always been to wander into new work before spending time and energy looking back. So, writes Martin Herbert, if you want to see a sizeable collection of Gobers work anytime soon, you need to make your way to Basel this summer.

Gobers not the only New York giant looking back this summer: Jonathan T.D. Neil meets with Richard Serra as MoMA installs the sculptors Forty Years retrospective

Object? Installation? Luxury boutique display? David Altmejd makes sculpture, but not as we know it. J.J. Charlesworth meets up with the artist as he puts together The Index at the Canadian Pavilion in Venice, a macabre vision incorporating werewolf parts, bird-men and the glitter and sparkle of precious metals.

ArtReview Biennale focus: 18 pages of Tracey Emin, Robert Storr, the off-site pavilions, Congos modern-day Hogarth and much more.


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