May 23, 2007 - Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp (M HKA) - Luc Tuymans I don’t get it
May 23, 2007

Luc Tuymans I don’t get it

Luc Tuymans
I dont get it


Luc Tuymans is one of the most respected painters of his generation. His work is represented in prominent international museums, such as the Museum Of Modern Art in New York and the National Museum of Modern Art Georges Pompidou Centre Paris. This Summer, the Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp [MuHKA] organizes Luc Tuymans I dont get it at the 4th Floor of the FotoMuseum. The exhibition does not focus on the paintings of Luc Tuymans, but rather on a number of less well-known aspects of his work, which shed light on its more ephemeral quality. Most, or practically all of Tuymans paintings are based upon existing imagery, ranging from drawings, photographs, film-stills and Polaroids, etc. This element of his paintings and the collateral damage connected with the development of them, forms the heart of Luc Tuymans I dont get it.

The exhibition consists of an overview of editions and multiples, his early film Feu dArtifice, various publications, documentation about the wall paintings he made in locations such as Vladivostok and Ruimte Morguen in Antwerp and a small selection of the polaroids, which Tuymans recently donated to MuHKA. He also made a short film with a high speed camera, especially for the exhibition, visualizing the development of polaroids, and thus referring to the process his paintings develop, from vague contours to pictural details. The exhibition will be fitted with a smoking room, simultaneously expressing the importance of smoking in his work, the ephemeral nature of smoke and his resistance to the banning of smoking from public life.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue LUC TUYMANS. I DONT GET IT, published by Ludion.
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