May 8, 2007 - Museum Het Domein - Clare E. Rojas: Forget me not
May 8, 2007

Clare E. Rojas: Forget me not

Clare E. Rojas, Red Leaf Blue Deer, 2007, 20x25cm, gouache on paper

Clare E. Rojas
Forget me not

12 May to 5 August 2007

Opening Friday 11 May 2007, 17.00
Open: Tue – Sun 11-17

Museum Het Domein
( The Netherlands ) 
Kapittelstraat 6, PB 230,NL-6130 AE Sittard

Forget me not is the first solo exhibition in a Dutch museum for the American artist Clare Rojas (b. Columbus, Ohio, 1976).

Rojas, who lives in San Francisco, California, draws on a wide range of media, such as painting, graphics, film, installations and quilting, taking gouache and latex on wood panel as her foundation. In addition to her visual art, Rojas has produced CDs of original songs with banjo and guitar under the name of Peggy Honeywell.
Her work is strongly influenced by American folk art, especially the materials, aesthetics and history of quilts, and she embroiders on traditional European fairy tales and fables. Most of the figures in her paintings are rendered with delicate brushstrokes against a background of stylized landscapes or monochrome plains. In exhibitions, Rojas groups a variety of works into large, kaleidoscopic installations on the walls and in the space, creating manifold connections between them.

With irony and melancholy, Rojas presents a personal vision of relationships between women and men, people and animals, and between all these living creatures and nature. Her protagonists are smiling, self-confident women of many ages and colours, interacting with animals, men or other women in quite outlandish situations. In contrast, she portrays mens naked bodies, or parts of them, in poses reminiscent of female models in fashion magazines. In a cheerful, free-spirited style, Rojas illustrates sex roles and gender boundaries, without caricaturing them or losing sight of the subjectification of the female body in art and the mass media.

During T-Time at the exhibition Forget me not on Sunday 13 May at 12.30, Clare E. Rojas will appear in the museum as Peggy Honeywell, with Stijn Huijts joining her on bass for this performance. Rojas has also made a childrens book for this exhibition, which will be published in English and Dutch. More information and images can be found in the virtual press room, which is accessible through the museum home page, . If you have any questions, please contact us: Karin Adams or Lene ter Haar, 31 (0)46 451 3460;
At the same time Museum Het Domein proudly presents Guestroom #6:
New Image Art Gallery: The Burning House

It is a unique collaboration between the artists Swoon, David Ellis & the collective Faile, who literally merged their works to create a single monumental installation.

Curated by Marsea Goldberg
Catalogue available (ISBN 978-90-75883-47-3)

Museum Het Domein
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