May 5, 2007 - Cabinet - Issue 25 available now
May 5, 2007

Issue 25 available now

Cabinet magazine
Issue 25 available now

Cabinet magazine issue 25, with a special section on Insects, available now

Entirely teeming with interesting items, including:

– Christopher Turner on the gall of a famous sexologist
– Mark Dery on the (rather cute) scourge of Southern California
– Sina Najafi in conversation with Hugh Raffles on the language of bees
– Cornelia Hesse-Honeggers artist project on Chernobyls tiniest legacies
– Margaret Wertheim on spiders turned couch potatoes
– David Serlin in conversation with Jeffrey Lockwood on grasshoppers gone wild
– Emilie Clarkes special insert of book lice
And completely crawling with other fascinating subject matter, including:

– Joshua Foer on the minutiae of miniature writing
– Daniel Heller-Roazen on negation delirium
– Kris Belden-Adams on indexicality and horse races
– Charles Goldmans artist project inviting modifications to his ultimate standard
– Leland de la Durantaye amid the llamas outside Heideggers hut
– David Levines artist project on actors not quitting their day-job
– Jeffrey Kastner on the primordial soup of Roy Lichtenstein

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