April 4, 2007 - Z33 - No. 15 DESIGNING CRITICAL DESIGN
April 4, 2007


Dunne & Raby ‘Evidence Dolls’, illustration: Abäke, photo: Jason Evans

experimental objects and hypothetic projects for a consumer society

Jurgen Bey (NL), Anthony Dunne &Fiona Raby (UK) and Martí Guixé (E)

IVF, Designer babies, DNA analysis, embryonic research, clones, stem cells, gene therapy. What does it all mean? With this project Dunne & Raby try to imagine the sort of implications these technologies might have on our everyday lives. With the thought experiment they want to speculate on how dating might change in the future if we could check out the DNA of potential men in the dating game and find out about their genetic future and the genetic future of any potential offspring, would this have any impact on our future relationships? The Dolls come in three versions based on penis size (small, medium and large). A black indelible marker allows women to note down interesting characteristics of their lover. Hair, toenail clippings, saliva, and sperm can be collected and stored in the penis drawer

Zuivelmarkt 33
t: 32 (0)11 29 59 60; e: info@z33.be

Arts centre Z33 focuses on contemporary art and design through integrated multidisciplinary projects. Its name, introduced in 2002, refers to the address: Zuivelmarkt 33 in Hasselt, Belgium. The centre is situated in the former beguinage of Hasselt. Its exhibition space consists of the 18th century beguinage infrastucture (houses and garden) and a larger exhibition wing built in 1958.

For the exhibition Designing Critical Design, Z33 invited Jurgen Bey (NL), Anthony Dunne & Fiona Raby (UK) en Martí Guixé (E), four designers who are all known for their critical attitude towards mainstream product design.

They have distanced themselves from the modern commercial design world, but nevertheless use the mechanisms of that world to ask questions about their own discipline and about technology, social and ethical questions. Their ambivalent, critical position in respect of product design and the humorous language of forms that they use are the common threads running through this exhibition.

The exhibition is seen as a composition of three solo presentations with the four designers presenting an overview of their key works. In addition, Z33 gave the participating designers the assignment to create a new work.

Jurgen Bey has, with crates as the basic material, created a new exhibition landscape with working area.

Dunne & Raby’s Robot is the first creation within the Technological Dreams Series: several robot models with unique psychological and social functions.

Martí Guixé has placed 4 Car Mirrors in the city of Hasselt. The underlying principle of this work, a mirror the size of a big car, is that the car is no longer simply a means of transport, but rather part of your image and personality.

An interview and a special issue of design, art and architecture magazine DAMn° gives more information on the designers. Jurgen Bey, Anthony Dunne & Fiona Raby and Martí Guixé talk about what critical design is to them and about the way they practice it.

On May 7th at 7 pm, Jurgen Bey, Anthony Dunne & Fiona Raby and Martí Guixé will give lectures (in English) about their own practices and discuss the production assignments specifically.

A panel discussion with Hilde Bouchez as moderator will follow the presentations.
from March 4th until June 3rd 2007
opening hours:
Tuesday Saturday: 11 am 6 pm
Sunday and public holidays: 2 5 pm
Z33, Zuivelmarkt 33, B-3500 HASSELT
t: 32 (0)11 29 59 60; e: info@z33.be


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