March 7, 2007 - BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts - Faire un Effort, part 1
March 7, 2007

Faire un Effort, part 1

San Keller
Series Faire un effort

02.03 - 15.04.2007

Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels (BOZAR)
Rue Ravensteinstraat 23 – 1000 Brussels
32 (0)2 507 82 00

As I myself am always part of the artistic action, Stefan Keller has to have an artificial equivalent: San. This figure, San, should not be seen from a purely literary, narrative perspective. San is driven by the desire to work ideas out in reality, precisely in order to escape from a fictional level. San is a metaphysical construction that makes it easier to reflect. San Keller wants to place lasting or ephemeral signs, alone or with others.
S. Keller

The NICC, in cooperation with the Centre for Fine Arts, has launched the “Faire un effort (Make an Effort) programme: a series in which all the participants are thrown clearly into relief, a collective and more human process, with rhythm and time as its most important elements. Following Tris Vonna-Michell, San Keller (born in 1971 in Switzerland) is the latest guest. Stefan Keller studied at the School of Art and Design in Zurich. Action is the basic form of his artistic work. His artificial alter ego San Keller leads him “away from the interior seclusion of thought to the kingdom of real life, the world”. The CLEVER AND SMART exhibition at the Centre for Fine Arts brings together a variety of works and interventions that actively encourage the viewer to reflect.

Says Sylvia Rüttimann: “San Keller makes contact with his surroundings; in doing so, he takes account of the finely woven contextual waves that we normally take for granted. If you allow them to, his objects and actions incite you to reflect about how things are. Surrender, with a certain active approach and inquisitive observation, to San Keller’s experiments as he does himself, in a way that is at once active and passive (when, for example, he talks to motorbike riders and allows himself to be carried away). By thinking, for example, about time and space, how they interact with each other and how we handle that. By thinking about language, communication, and social interaction. By questioning the unwritten laws and power relationships, not just between individuals but also between institutions; and, last but not least, by thinking about San Keller himself and about how he deals with us as an artist. Or how we deal with him. Keep your eyes peeled, in other words.”
02 March > 15 April 2007
Preview on Thursday 1 March at 6.30 pm
Opening hours
Tuesday to Sunday, 10 am > 6 pm
Thursday, 10 am > 9 pm


BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts
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