March 1, 2007 - frieze - issue 105 out now
March 1, 2007

issue 105 out now

frieze issue 105 out now
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People say, How come you dont take pictures of girls? And I say, Well I do, I just use boys to do them. Collier Schorr

I can understand young artists saying their practice isnt feminist, but saying youre not a feminist, thats just tragic, I think, and misguided. Whether you are a man or a woman. Connie Butler

The March issue of frieze is themed around Feminism. Connie Butler discusses her forthcoming exhibition WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution with Amelia Jones, and Dominic Eichler considers the themes explored by Collier Schorr in her photographs and collages.

Cinemas unique capacity lies in its ability to, as Maya Deren writes memorably, put real toads in imaginary gardens.

Melissa Gronlund looks back at the career of Maya Deren, whose radical and influential films are the subject of a new book published by Anthology Film Archives. Will Bradley is intrigued by Cathy Wilkes psychologically and socially evocative installations, while Christy Lange reflects on the videos, performances and events staged by Annika Eriksson.

From Mexico to Egypt and Senegal, Jennifer Doyle, Gilane Tawadros and NGoné Fall examine diverse approaches taken by women to art-making. Jan Verwoert unearths alternative histories in the work of Michaela Melián. Eleanor Antin responds to the frieze questionnaire.

Plus Mathilde ter Heijne by Catrin Lorch, Claire Fontaine by Vivian Rehberg, Josephine Meckseper by Julia Bryan-Wilson and Kan Xuan by Douglas Heingartner.

In the front section Robert Storr reflects on the changes made by Feminism on the art world, while Brian Dillon is absorbed by two books about the mysteries posed to historical anatomy by womens bodies. Tirdad Zolghadr explores the thresholds of Feminism in two new European exhibitions, and Jenni Sorkin has misgivings about the hotly anticipated Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art.

Also, renowned sociologist Saskia Sassen talks to Roland Kapferer about the role of women in society today. In Life in Film, Runa Islam lists the movies that have influenced her and her work.

The back section includes reviews of: Cooling Out, Barbara Visser, Brice Marden, USA Today, Elke Krystufek, How to Build a Universe, Riflemaker Becomes Indica, The Secret Public, The Perfect Man Show, Alexis Hunter, Academy, Mel Bochner, This Will Not Happen Without You, Gardar Eide Einarsson, Clip/Stamp/Fold, The 5th Asia-Pacific Triennial, When the Moon Shines on the Moonshine, Jennifer Bornstein, Ruby Satellite, Suzanne Treister, Agnieszka Brzezanska, Brian Fahlstrom, Conrad Shawcross, Semina Culture and I Like America.

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