February 26, 2007 - Artforum - Scene & Herd at the Armory Show
February 26, 2007

Scene & Herd at the Armory Show

Left: Dealer Howard Read and Lenny Kravitz. Center: Dealer Emmanuel Perrotin. Right: MoMA curator Peter Reed, MoMA president Marie-Josée Kravis, and Verona Middleton-Jeter, executive director of Henry Street Settlement Center. (Photos: David Velasco)

Scene & Herd at the Armory Show

02.24BRIAN SHOLIS on the fairs

The buttoned-up uniformity was a little disappointing, but, always up to a challenge, I offer the names of (more or less) new-to-me artists whose work I enjoyed: Charlie Hammond, Adel Abdessemed, Anne Hardy
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02.22TRÂN DÚC VÂN on Jeff Wall at MoMA

One virtue of Galassis extra-taut Jeff Wall retrospective is that I had time to make four laps of the exhibition before the dinner trumpets sounded. When I located my table in a part of Russia where some of you have likely done time, a glance at the place cards revealed another happy/worrisome sign of global warming.
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02.24BRIAN SHOLIS on the fairs

These days the big-four fairs are a bit like publicly traded companies (and dealers impatient shareholders): Fair organizers have to beat expectations. As one first-time exhibitor put it, Youd have to be an idiot not to make a profit, so making back the booth-rental fee is no longer enough.
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