February 20, 2007 - miart – International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art - Waiting for MiArt 2007: New developments and projects confirm the fair’s international edge
February 20, 2007

Waiting for MiArt 2007: New developments and projects confirm the fair’s international edge

Waiting for MiArt 2007
New developments and projects confirm the fairs international edge

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About to be staged for the 12th time, Milan’s International Modern and Contemporary Art Fair is today a truly international and increasingly high level event. This is not only because of the participation of numerous galleries from all over the world, but also for its prestigious special projects, designed to create a full-immersion art experience in Milan an opportunity to discover and experience the Fair and the city in a whole new way.

Among the jewels in the MiArt 2007 crown, we must first mention the participation of the prestigious Basel-based Foundation Beyeler, which, for the first time, will be occupying a stand and telling the public something of its history through the display of some of the genuine masterpieces from its collection. And 2007 marks two important anniversaries for Ernst Beyeler, who this year is celebrating his first ten years of work with the foundation that bears his name as well as the 60th anniversary of the Beyeler Gallery. The Foundations decision to take part on MiArt was a strategic move in intensifying its relationship with people interested in art in Italy. At the Fair, Foundation Beyeler will be exhibiting two monumental and priceless works a Matisse and a Christus completing the virtual visit to the museum with a series of photographic images of the collection. An exciting key attraction with no shortage of surprises, the event will bring a special flavor to the 12th MiArt.

And the news doesnt finish there. The Anteprima section, which this year will have a more experimental edge than ever, will be hosting a series of extremely high profile special events, complemented by discussion, meeting and roundtable sessions that will make the Fair a dynamic, effervescent and cosmopolitan center for interaction an opportunity for exchange and face-to-face discussion with the foremost art critics, curators and museum directors from around the world.

The question of the spaces used for art will come under the spotlight at the roundtable session Isomorphic Space. The homogenization of spaces in art. The session will examine the issue of spaces dedicated to contemporary art, placing the focus on the works that artists intend to create in them. The speakers, Daniel Birnbaum, Liam Gillick and Christine Macel, will endeavor to answer the question: Are art fairs today all that different from museums, galleries and independent spaces, or are there still some real differences between these spaces?

The Video and Film Lounge project will be complemented by a roundtable discussion entitled The inheritance of the cinematic form in the art video that will see the participation of Maria Rosa Sossai, Ian White, Christian Merlhiot and Bart Rutten. The Art and community conference, presented by More Art in collaboration with Art for the World, will focus on the issue of the promotion of young Italian and international artists relative to their local area. It will also feature an installation by Brazilian artist Fabiana De Barros entitled Fiteiro Cultural (Culture kiosk), designed for discussion and learning in the context of the artist-audience-place relationship. Finally, Arcipelago Olanda , conceived as a live creative workshop, will be presented alongside a discussion session entitled The Talks, which will feature all the artists involved in the workshop, who will discuss their experiences while outlining the Dutch artistic and institutional scenes.
tel. 39 0248 550.489
fax 39 0248 550. 420
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web site www.miart.it
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miart – International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art
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