February 14, 2007


In participation with Alexia
Nikolaidou Maria
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Track7 arts laboratorium organizes and presents the artistic exhibition of Anisa Ashkar (1979, Palestine) and Joseph Dadoune (1975, Israel) with the general title Purifying Love at track7 art space.

The project consists of an original production by Track 7 for Greece and abroad. The exhibition will open to the public on Monday 15 January 2007.

The exhibition includes two autonomous original projects that are presented for the first time worldwide in Athens. In the specific projects of the two artists, the well known Cypriot singer Alexia collaborates and participates multi-dimensionally (composition, singing, and acting). The exhibition is curated by the art theorist Dr. Sania Papa.

Joseph Dadoune and Anisa Ashkar invited Alexia to collaborate on multiple levels in their two new autonomous works, aiming at the creative collaboration between three artists coming from countries with similar sociopolitical characteristics, traditions and cultural qualities.

In her new photographic work entitled Wild Eyes, installation and performance titled In a blink of an eye Anisa Ashkar studies, treats on many levels and reinterprets the myth of Perseus and Medusa, placing it in a contemporary context of conflict and contradictions. She treats here the ambiguity of the myth and the eternal conflict of gender through a psychological and psychoanalytical interpretation, in favor of exposing the suspended moment of decapitation.

According to the artist, this myth, that was written by men, is redefined through the prevalent role of two women (Medusa and Athina), while the man (Perseus) is exposed as object who receives commands and executes them, without questioning his male power and identity, since this is repositioned in the context that suits it. In the performances of Anisa Ashkar, Alexia assumes the role of Athina and transforming the roles is presented as ally of mutilated Medusa.

The title of the work by Joseph Dadoune “Bunker Buster” refers to the American bomb Buster, able to penetrate concrete six meters deep and ground to thirty meters. The installation of Joseph Dadoune includes a black and white 35mm high definition film, twenty two minutes long, that was shot entirely in the War Museum of Athens. In this project the artist invited Alexia in a conversation-action that combines fragmented speech, singing, movement and improvisation, elements that cause new “abstractive” situations in a shifted “other” space-time, with an interactive catalytic character of the release of primal characteristics and behaviors. The work records the triadic projective relationship of intellectual, natural and architectural space of the individual (individual space, emotional space, work space, space of the Museum), the white internal room (white cube) in relation to the space of the dictator/master.

Joseph Dadoune, through a “laborious” and long-lasting creative process of the treatment of film (change of color from colored to black and white, chronological shift of actions, interruption of linear narration, expulsion of concrete elements of natural architectural space, and utilization of special effects), presents the analytic conceptual dimension of created cinematographic reality (the film is based on the interjection of the three basic colors white, black, and red): the liberating nature of the natural and intellectual light against the terror of repetitive confinement that intervenes redemptively in a space-time without beginning or end (the viewer may watch the film without a time sequence).

Excerpts of the work of Joseph Dadoune and Anisa Ashkar will be included in the film that will be created for Alexias CD rebe.
Exhibition dates: 15 January 2007 – 26 March 2007
Hours: Daily (except Holidays and Monday) 10.00 – 14.00, 17.00 – 21.00
Address: track7 art space, Sidirokastrou & Amfipoleos 1, Votanikos Athens
Tel. 211 100 7082
Entrance: Free

Info : track7artslaboratorium
Nikolaidou Maria
T: 211 100 7072, F: 211 100 7060
E: nikolaidou@track7music.com


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February 14, 2007

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