February 13, 2007 - Museum Het Domein - GuestRoom # 5
February 13, 2007

GuestRoom # 5

Lida Abdul

Together with Rik Meijers exhibition
Dont do that any more*
Museum Het Domein presents:
GuestRoom # 5 Prince Claus Fund
20.01.2006 – 11.03.2007

Museum Het Domein
Kapittelstraat 6
6131 ER Sittard
T 31 (0)46 4513460
F 31 (0)46 4529111
Tuesday Sunday 11.00 am 5.00 pm

Curator: Els van der Plas
Director Prince Claus Fund

GuestRoom is a series of presentations in Het Domein in which art institutions will be given an opportunity to present themselves in original ways. GuestRoom #5 is a presentation of the Prince Claus Fund. The Prince Claus Fund, founded in 1996 as thanks for Prince Claus significant contribution to development cooperation, realizes activities and publications that contribute to promoting exchange between culture and development. The fund primarily operates in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

The director of the Prince Claus Fund, Els van der Plas, is the guest curator of GuestRoom #5. Her presentation will focus on the Prince Claus Fund theme for 2007, Culture and Conflict. The theme investigates how culture can play a positive part in resolving conflicts and be of help towards trauma recovery. There is also recognition of the fact that culture can also be the cause of conflicts. People from non-western countries who are active in this sphere of interest in 2007 can be nominated for the renowned Prince Claus Awards.

The Prince Claus Fund aims to give artists from non-western countries an international platform to offer new opportunities, recognition, and to stimulate the development of their artistic practice. GuestRoom#5 will present work by the Afghan artist Lida Abdul, one of the winners of the Prince Claus Awards 2006, alongside Colombian artist Fernando Arias and Palestinian photographer Rula Halawani, who received financial support from the Prince Claus Fund. The presentation will also discuss the Cultural Emergency Response (CER), the funds so-called Red Cross for culture. The CER provides cultural emergency assistance by activities such as helping to save the collection of a museum in a war zone.

T-time (discussion session) GuestRoom #5: on Sunday March 11, 2007 / 12.30-14.00 pm
*Rik Meijers Dont do that any more
Paintings, drawings, objects
January 20 – March 11, 2007

The T-time (discussion session) for the Rik Meijers exhibition will be held on Sunday February 25, 2007 from 12.30 14.00 p.m.

More information and images are available in the press section of the homepage at www.hetdomein.nl and www.princeclausfund.nl. Or contact Karin Adams or Lene ter Haar on 046 451 34 60; karin.adams@hetdomein.nl.

Museum Het Domein

Museum Het Domein
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