January 10, 2007 - Objectif Exhibitions - objectif_exhibitions is looking for a new artistic director
January 10, 2007

objectif_exhibitions is looking for a new artistic director

objectif_exhibitions is looking for a new artistic director

objectif_exhibitions is a non-for-profit organization, focusing on the research, production and presentation of contemporary art. Since its establishment in 1999, objectif_exhibitions has been at the centre of significant artistic and cultural developments. The organizations permanent negotiation of artistic, curatorial and public positions has resulted in showcasing exhibitions and publications conceived as well defined, precisely timed and carefully executed interventions.

Located at the heart of the Antwerp gallery and museum district, objectif_exhibitions plays a vital role in mediating and promoting cultural exchange both within Belgium and beyond. Moreover, through ongoing collaborations with established (inter)national artists and art institutions, objectif_exhibitions has developed a solid international network, encouraging both reflective prospecting, presentation and public address.

As the new artistic director of objectif_exhibitions you will continue and further develop the organizations artistic program and social reach. You are a contemporary art professional with a thorough knowledge of recent artistic trends and their relevance in society. Your innovative personal vision leads you to the conception and realization of a wide range of thought provoking artistic projects and their publications. Though working at an international level, you are prepared to critically engage in and stimulate the flourishing local Antwerp art scene. Your excellent networking and communication skills enable you to reach an (inter)national audience and raise public awareness on various levels of society. You have experience coping with fundraising in both private and public realms.

You possess that ceaseless energy that motivates those around you, be it staff, artists, public, sponsors or the government.

Please send your application before February 20, 2007 to
Coquilhatstraat 14
B-2000 Antwerp


Objectif Exhibitions
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