December 21, 2006 - ArtReview - ArtReview:Digital goes video
December 21, 2006

ArtReview:Digital goes video

ArtReview:Digital goes video

Beginning with the January issue, each new ArtReview:Digital will come with videos, including gallery and studio visits, interviews with artists and multimedia art projects specially made for the magazine.

Since launching eight weeks ago, the digital version of ArtReview magazine has received more than 400,000 page views per month by art zealots in more than 80 countries. Zoomable, searchable, fast and easy to navigate, and downloadable to your desktop, ArtReview:Digital is available every month anytime, wherever you are.
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This month ArtReview magazine visits Annette Messager in her Paris studio, talks to Doug Aitken on the eve of his great big MoMA exhibition and asks Takashi Murakami about what it means to be an artist in Japan.
Annette Messager: My name is Messager, but I have no message. We didnt believe her, so we sent in former neighbour, current friend and celebrated novelist Marie Derrieussecq to find the meaning.
Doug Aitken: Aitkens new film about secret New York lives is being projected on MoMAs walls. Terry R. Meyers visits, hoping for one of those great big time-stopping snowstorms.
Special Focus: Contemporary Collecting
Collecting is hard to ignore, easy to envy and fun to satirise. Its also the subject of a special ArtReview focus: how are people collecting, and what have the last 12 months shown us? Whats hot now, and will the boom last? Our writers weigh in, with some loud New York voices silenced by the Fall Auction totals.
48 Hours New York City: Jonathan T.D. Neil takes in New Yorks gallery openings big and small, searching for meaning in meteor showers and distant office windows.
Takashi Murakami: Is there anything Murakami cant do? JJ Charlesworth meets up with the artist, showman and cultural entrepreneur in Paris.
Crazy Quilt: Doug Harvey looks at Ivan Morleys formally accomplished, labour-intensive paintings of crazed squirrels in masks and concludes, There may be a perfectly logical explanation but damned if I can figure it out. Or want to, for that matter.

Plus Dexter Dalwoods paintings, W.G. Sebalds influence on artists today and our usual array of previews, reviews, manifestos and books. Its all in ArtReview and ArtReview:Digital.

ArtReview magazine is on newsstands from 21 December (US distribution subject to overseas delivery).

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