December 20, 2006 - miart – International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art - MIART 2007: INTERNATIONAL BY NATURE
December 20, 2006



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MiArt 2007 will have real international breadth, thanks in part to the staging of special projects that will enrich the fairs exhibit program, offering many points to ponder and a privileged view of the trends now at work on the contemporary art scene.
Two special projects will be adding zest to the Anteprima section. The first is a curatorial event put together by three hugely experienced critics who are heavily involved in the promotion of the latest experimental art, including internationally: Milovan Farronato, Francesca Pasini and Michele Robecchi. The objective of the project is to showcase the work of nine Italian artists, handpicked by the curators, in a large area in the most vibrant section of the fair. It will be a kind of oasis for reflection, for taking onboard new directions in young art, which wont fail to surprise given the quality of the works displayed. Through this event, MiArt is reaffirming its commitment to promoting emerging artistic expressions by bringing together the most experimental voices in contemporary art so as to offer the young artists selected a chance to introduce the market and a large audience of collectors to their work.

The second project is titled Video Lounge and is curated by Maria Rosa Sossai (director of Museo Man Museo d’Arte della Provincia di Nuoro), Ian White (curator of the Frieze cinema space and Whitechapel film programmer) and Christian Merhliot (curator of French association Pointligneplan). Entirely devoted to art videos and films, Video Lounge sets out to investigate the widespread phenomenon of the production of moving images, while testifying to the influence that the cinematographic form has on contemporary art. Through its five programs, the event will present an extremely varied and multifaceted international video and film panorama that will draw on the most diverse genres as if gathering together the narrative inheritance of the cinematic form.

The three curators will also take part in a discussion, held as a part of the MiArt conference program, on the theme The inheritance of the cinematic form in the art video. The session will focus on cinemas role last century as a huge container of the collective consciousness.
These are just some of the different and important initiatives planned for a MiArt that will be rich with different projects and synergies between different forms of expression. MiArt 2007: a factory of ideas, an art workshop in the process of becoming.

But among the various events being staged, the one that will really set the tone of the fair will be Arcipelago Olanda (The Netherlands Archipelago), curated by Marianna Vecellio. As weve already announced, this year MiArt has chosen the Netherlands as its 2007 Guest Nation a country with a vast artistic tradition that was known as early as the 14th century for the Flemish Renaissance. This decision was made out of a desire to demonstrate to an international audience an example of a country that has been able to genuinely promote contemporary art through a system made up of a diverse range of different players: government, private sponsors, foundations and collectors, but also businesses and production agencies that work with artists all stakeholders in a position to oil the delicate mechanism of the contemporary art market for the creation of a huge range of works and projects. The name Arcipelago Olanda reflects the intention to bring together an organic and lively group of participants who, while not necessarily of the same size, are engaged in the same activity: artistic research in different areas, including photography, installation art, illustration and video.
Last but by no means least is the exciting news that the prestigious Basel-based Foundation Beyeler will be taking part in MiArt 2007 a first for the foundation, which has never before taken part in any art fair outside Switzerland. This is an event that cant fail to create major excitement, while reaffirming the international edge of MiArt 2007: a major celebration of contemporary art.

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miart – International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art
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