December 15, 2006 - NRW-Forum Kultur und Wirtschaft - Bruce Nauman – Mental Exercises
December 15, 2006

Bruce Nauman – Mental Exercises

Bruce Nauman: Double Slap in the Face, 1985, Neonarbeit, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn 2006

Bruce Nauman
Mental Exercises

until January 14, 2007

Ehrenhof 2, Duesseldorf/Germany

Nauman had failed to levitate in his studio in 1966 but he never abandoned his attempt to locate states of equilibrium under conditions that defy the system of everyday perceptions. In 1973, no longer willing to make the effort of following his own hour-long instructions Nauman asked Tony and Elke to step in. Tony was to sink into the floor; Elke was to allow the floor to rise up over her face. It all ended badly. We see nothing on the videotape of what Nauman has reported to us of the effects of the exercises. Tony choked as his chest started to sink into the floor. He said later I just tried to do it too fast and I was afraid I couldnt get out. Elke broke into a sweat and couldnt breathe. Is this another failure?

Now visitors can share similar experience in the exhibition Bruce Nauman Mental Exercises in NRW-Forum in Duesseldorf/Germany.

The exhibition combines two parts. One: Naumans exercises which were meant to change the bodys relation to its surroundings.and which include also Performance Corridor – first shown at the Whitney in 1969. Plus Mental Exercises. Two: Naumans restage of the theme after 1985 with the substantial change, that no longer the artists plays the role but is replaced by actors or clowns. This part includes installations like Double No, Brrr … Raw Material and others.

NRW-Forum Kultur und Wirtschaft
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