December 9, 2006 - Monografik éditions - A new publisher
December 9, 2006

A new publisher

monografik éditions presents
François Morellet 1916-2006 etc
Recent Novelties

Ed. by Musées des beaux-Arts dAngers/France
Texts : Lynn Zelevansky (LA County Museum of Art)
Languages : French & English
ISBN : 2-916545-99-9
Format : 240 x 260 mm
Pages : 144

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Angers (Anjou – France) is celebrating the 80th birthday of François Morellet, one of the most well-known French artists on the international contemporary art scene. Morellet is a rigorous ridiculous artist: a blend of minimalism and second degree concrete art where the system counts more than the formal aspect.

This book focuses more particularly on the works exhibited at the Fine Arts Museum in Angers. Presents recent works since 2000 and the exhibition at the Jeu de Paume (Paris), illustrating the proliferation and renewal of creation found in the work of François Morellet: these pages contain many illustrations of paintings, neon-sculptures and both indoor and outdoor installations. Theres a commentary on the work by Patrick Le Nouëne (co-commissioner and director of the Musées dAngers); Christine Besson (co-commissioner and curator of the Musées dAngers) tells the story behind Pi piquant de façade, 1 = 12° (a sculpture hung on the outer walls of the museums reserves); Eric Orsenna (author, member of the Académie française) writes a letter to the artist declaring his lifelong friendship; Lynn Zelevansky (curator at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art) analyzes Morellets position in international and particularly American art; and Erich Franz (director of Westfälisches Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Münster) theorizes on how the artist has gone beyond concrete art.

This catalogue is both an illustrated coffee table book and a tool for understanding the artists work. Morellets importance and position on the artistic scene for the past 50 years and his notoriety outside French borders justify and require the broadest distribution possible of this bilingual catalogue both in France and abroad.

PRESENTATION of monografik éditions :

The first reason for opening a publishing house is a love for books; the second is a love for artworks (paintings, installations, architectures, essays, etc.); the third, the quality of encounters with creators and people working in culture; and finally the unique passion for designing and creating the “object” of a book. Another impetus behind this whole endeavor is the desire to transmit knowledge and leave a trace in the (already) long but never-ending history of art (books). In other words, to provide a platform where artists, architects, designers, thinkers, collectors and master craftsmen can express themselves alongside people working in publication and distribution.

This publishing house is aimed at all those who love, study, teach and work in the field of “Fine Arts” and the symbolic thinking which accompanies it, with a particular focus on architecture, art and design. We target the world of contemporary creation, yet never refrain from touching on major figures or historical movements.

Associated with Paris Musées for distribution and circulation, we can guarantee the value of your works and offer excellent sales opportunities.

In our concern to become a major player in the market of “coffee table books”, monografik éditions has formed partnerships with art press ( ).

Monografik éditions is the partner of the ShowOffParis 2006 (Art fair while FIAC06)
(Espace Pierre Cardin – Champs Elysées – Paris ; du 24 au 29 octobre 2006)

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For enquiries and information
monografik éditions
6 place de léglise
49160 Blou
T 33 (0)6 26 02 94 44
F 33 (0)2 41 38 47 89

Monografik éditions
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