December 4, 2006 - Center for Contemporary Non-Objective Art (CCNOA) - DOUBLE EXPOSURE & EARLY FABRICATED
December 4, 2006


December 1, 2006-January 14th, 2007

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The Center for Contemporary Non-Objective Art (CCNOA) is pleased to present Double Exposure, an exhibition exploring the dialogue between non-representational work and photography. The first exhibition dedicated solely to photographic practice at CCNOA, it presents ten international artistspainters, sculptors, and photographers. Double Exposure is designed as a touring group exhibition, whose debut version will expand to include both in future venues a wider spectrum of contemporary artists as well as historic figures, such as Josef Albers, Lázsló Moholy-Nagy, Alexander Rodchenko and Jaroslav Rössler.

While photography was initially valued for its ability to reproduce the world with exactitude, photographers in the early twentieth century began to use the medium to transform reality into abstraction, which became a powerful trend in modernist photography. At the same time photography’s supposed dominance of pictorialism – the first death of painting – actually turned painting into a self-defining medium. Painters were free to pursue a radical shift from delineating the subject matter of a painting to working with its compositional object matter. A potent historical example is Josef Albers use of photography to inform his historical abstraction.
Double Exposure investigates how contemporary artists draw on the constituent elements of their primarily non-representational practice light, color, space, and surface – by using the medium of photography, which is by definition representational. Addressing questions of perception, time, memory and being, the works featured in Double Exposure include camera-less photography, photo-painting and documentation, as well as pure abstraction.
John Beech, UK/USA; Kjell Bjorgeengen, N; Erika Blumenfeld, USA; Else-Marie Hagen, N; Salvatore Panatteri, AU; David Thomas, AU; Tilman, D/B/USA; Alan Uglow, UK/USA; Emmanuelle Villard, F/B; James Welling, USA.

In addition to Double Exposure, we are pleased to present Early Fabricated, a touring group exhibition curated by Australian artist Salvatore Panatteri, featuring concrete art, geometric abstraction and reductivism within the arena of photography. The exhibition showcases 24 artists from America, Australia and Europe, all of whom utilize architectural/spatial photography within their art practice.

CCNOA and the above-mentioned exhibitions have received funding from the Flemish Ministry of Culture, the Flemish Community Commission, the City of Brussels, the CCNOA Friends and the Office for Contemporary Art (OCA), Oslo (N).

For additional information please contact: CCNOA (32) (0)2 502 6912 or

Center for Contemporary Non-Objective Art (CCNOA)
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