November 26, 2006 - Flash Art International - Flash Art International No.251 (November-December 2006)
November 26, 2006

Flash Art International No.251 (November-December 2006)

Flash Art International No.251
(November-December 2006)

Flash Art International # 251
November-December Issue

In your opinion, is an artist who lives in a peripheral area disadvantaged compared to one who lives in a big center, such as in New York, London, Moscow, Beijing, Los Angeles?

In a special survey Periphery and Center Flash Art asked this and other questions to a global range of art critics, curators and artists. Debate concerning artistic centers has diversified: the multiplication of cities that might qualify as current art centers, the exponential rise in annual mainstream art events and biennials, and the proliferation of blogs, chat rooms and interactive web-galleries make it increasingly problematic to define what and where centers or peripheries are.

The November-December issues core research is devoted to Romania, one of the most culturally active and progressive countries of the former East Bloc. Focus Romania includes a dictionary of 27 artists and offers an insight into the way artists think and operate today in relation to their predecessors of the Communist period and their contemporary international colleagues.

Complementing the dictionary, two features presents an in-depth analysis of the works of two outstanding artists: Mircea Cantor speaks with Alessandro Rabottini about his Romanian origins and his commitment to the present and future, while Victor Mans paintings and installations are examined through an essay by Simona Nastac.

Extending the sojourn in the Eastern Europe, the second part of Aaron Moultons travelogue, From Kosovo to Kaliningrad, goes through the art worlds of Bulgaria, Ukraine, Estonia, Russia and Poland.

In an interview with Maurizio Cattelan, Christian Holstad speaks about his idea of being an outsider artist, his current solo show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami, and how YouTube and eBay are among his inspirational resources.

And Ali Subotnick interviews Nathalie Djurberg questioning her about her tastes and desires: If you could have three wishes granted, what would you ask for? the artist replies, I would like to be really, really, really beautiful and not scared of anything. And world peace.

This issue also contains a four-person conversation: Claire Bishop and Mark Godfrey traveled to Zurich to talk to Peter Fischli and David Weiss about their retrospectives at the Zurich Kunsthalle, Tate Modern in London and Hamburg Deitchtorhallen.
Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, after one year of no shows or no gallery activities, is back full time, showing and producing new works. Here she explains to Hans Ulrich Obrist how her interests are rooted in a diverse spectrum of fields, ranging from theater and music to architecture and design.
Vanessa Beecroft illustrates her new and surprising series of works called South Sudan. In an interview, conducted by Neville Wakefield, she explains the reasons that conduced her to these new religious icons.

This issues Reprint section is dedicated to Brice Marden.
Ouverture surveys the work of Matt Stokes and Global Art investigates iMovies, the new 25-channel video installation by Lucas Samaras.

In the news, Thomas Niemeyer covers the 47th October Salon in Belgrade and Anthony Downey reports on Frieze week in London.

Reviews in this issue include: Wolfgang Tillmans, Barnaby Furnas, Seth Price, Tobias Putrih, Idris Khan, Collier Schorr, Mark Wallinger, Pawel Althamer, Kris Martin, Isa Genzken, Arturas Raila, Dan Perjovschi, Ideal City Invisible City in Potsdam and Printemps de Septembre 2006 in Toulouse, France.

This issues cover artists are Christian Holstad and Nathalie Djurberg.

Get your hands on a copy of the November-December issue of the world’s leading art magazine while supplies last.

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