Fondazione Teseco per l’Arte

Platform founded in 2003 by Tsaplya and Glucklya, Nikolai Oleinikov, Kirill Shuvalov, Dmitry Vilensky (artists), Artem Magun, Oxana Timofeeva, Alexei Penzin (philosophers), David Riff, Alexander Skidan (writers). They live and work in Petersburg and Moscow

November 25, 2006

Areas of Transformation and Urban Construction

Curated by Marco Scotini

Stabilimento Teseco
via Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti 12 Pisa
winter 2006 – spring 2007

ph 39 050 98 75 11
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During 2006 and 2007, the Fondazione Teseco per lArte and the Teseco Group, with the collaboration of public agencies and other institutions, will provide a multiple project curated by Marco Scotini, on various topics regarding the city, with particular attention to the question of cultural policies linked to the territory.

The Teseco group cultural experience, planned and managed by the Foundation, has been applied to various issues and their effects, all across the board over the years, such as the social and cultural responsibility of today’s companies, the relationship between city center and suburbs, and the fundamental issue of cultural sustainability, with special emphasis on the processes and practice of art.

The Cities from below project is part of a process of reflection and production and it is conceived to focus a rich and complex research programme on the forms of contemporary urban change. Its programme is based on the conviction that the city is today one of the major socio-political issues. Globalization and its effects show that cities -rather than States- are the strategic centres for economic interactions, immigration, ethno-cultural changes and the claims of civil society.

The goal of Cities from below is to be a prolonged event. With this goal in mind, there will be various recurrent meetings with the public, organised according to the function and level of participation and involvement. All people can participate.

The events will include a cycle of films on global urbanism, individual or collective territory analysis, project proposals through workshops, and projects for direct action in the city, through the media, forms of exposition, etc.

The topics will be developed through a series of activities, special events, and workshops, such as:
URBAN TOOLS – A set of four workshops will be held from 2006 to 2007 in different parts of the city and with different groups of participation.
The first two workshops will be held in 2006, from 13 to 18 November: Oda Projesi (Turkey), Chto Delat?/What Is To Be Done? (Russia).

The other workshops will be held in 2007: Flyingcity (South Korea) 5/11 March 2007, Huit Facettes (Senegal) April 2007
EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM – Review of film projections held for two days in December 6th and 7th 2006 at the Cinema Arsenale di Pisa. It is an extended representation of the forms of self-organization and self-governance of city districts on a global scale. Its meant to be a toolbox for citizens by testifying of instances of public action and urban policies.

atelier darchitecture autogérée (aaa) (France),a.titolo (Italy), Matei Bejenaru (Romania), Beth Bird (USA), Calin Dan (Romania), Paola Di Bello/Armin Linke (Italy), Marcelo Expósito (Spain), Huit Facettes (Senegal), Francesco Jodice (Italy),Raphael Lyon & Andres Ingoglia (USA), Marjetica Potrc (Slovenia), Oliver Ressler/Dario Azzellini (Austria), Mariette Schiltz (Luxemburg), Stalker/Osservatorio Nomade (Italy), Hito Steyerl (Germany)
Cineclub Arsenale vicolo Scaramucci 4, Pisa Italy
6th 7th December 2006
COMMON HOUSE - The spaces of Fondazione Teseco will turn into a workshop and a place for temporary representations imagined as a platform for the self-governance of the city of the future. The Common House is thought of as a kind of merzbau, that is, a space in progress that will begin to form in November and will be presented in its final form in May 2007.

Joseph Beuys (Germany), Maria Papadimitriou (Greece), Oliver Ressler (Austria),
Bert Theis (Luxemburg), Superflex (Denmark), Constant (Netherlands), Chto Delat?/What is to be done? (Russia), Luca Frei (Switzerland), Carlos Garaicoa (Cuba), Oda Projesi (Turkey), Flyingcity (South Korea), Post-Programmed City-Territory (Greece), Etcetera (Argentina), Ian Tweedy (USA), Huit Facettes (Senegal), Rainer Ganahl (Austria), Critical Art Ensemble (USA), Group Material
Laboratorio per lArte Contemporanea, Fondazione Teseco per lArte, Stabilimento Teseco, via Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti 12 Pisa Italy
From November 18, 2006 to September 28 2007.
Opening Saturday 18 November 2006 from 17:30
Monday Friday, 14:30 18:00
THE COLLECTIVE WORK colloquium - At the end of February there will be a panel discussion on city control and change involving urban planners, philosophers and artists.

Panelists: Stefano Boeri (Italy), Paolo Virno (Italy), Brian Holmes (France), Oliver Ressler (Austria), Reporting System (Italy), Marcelo Expósito (Spain)

“XXL – Provincial Workshop for Contemporary Culture
Supported by Regione Toscana, Provincia di Pisa, Porto Franco and TRA ART, Fondazione Mediateca Regionale Toscana and with Comune di Pisa, Cine Club Arsenale

The Foundation Teseco per lArte was born in 1998, when a vast amount of cultural activities, organized or sustained by the Teseco Group, consented a more specific definition in its form with more precise contents, addressing its patronage on an organic level. The Teseco Group is a leading environmental engineering company in th services sector. The Teseco Foundation for the Arts rises directly from the groups mission, in the optics of a constant interpenetration between factory and culture, with goals such as the protection of the environment, vanguard experimentation and research for ways that consent a sustainable development. The Foundation develops these objectives from an ecological-natural plan toward a human one. In this way, it places itself as an important expansive element and communicates the objectives and functions of the Teseco Group, especially outside the limits of the industrial ambit.

The collection of contemporary art, continuously updated is installed in the interior of the working areas of the Teseco Group, in Ospedaletto, in the industrial zone of Pisa. The display rotates every six months with the intention of bringing the visual culture of the present in contact with the personnel of the factory. The offices are open to the public the first and third Tuesday of every month.

During the cultural involvement in the Laboratory of Contemporary Art the personnel finds completion within the establishment, conceived as a space of exhibition and as a meeting point between technique and different expressive modalities, some being video, computer art, theatre, dance, inaugurated July 2000.

Stabilimento Teseco
via Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti 12 Pisa
winter 2006 – spring 2007

ph 39 050 98 75 11

Fondazione Teseco per l’Arte
November 25, 2006

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