November 23, 2006 - ArtReview - Same Magazine, Just Digital
November 23, 2006

Same Magazine, Just Digital

ArtReview:Digital: Same Magazine, Just Digital

Experience ArtReview:Digital. Since last months launch, thousands upon thousands of people from around the world have tuned in to the digital version of ArtReview magazine. Zoomable, searchable, easy to navigate and downloadable, ArtReview:Digital is available anytime, wherever you are in the world.

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In December, ArtReview explores the dirty, the challenging, the big, the bone-chilling and the overlooked.

Sterling Rubys Dirty Expressionism: We talk to the young and unpredictable Los Angeles-based artist about his fresh approach to the information age.
The Fischer King: Collector favourite Urs Fischer opens the doors of his Long Island City studio to ArtReview. Does he regret it?
Painting vs. Photography: Why so jealous? So insecure? We analyse the love-hate relationship between contemporary painting and photography.
Norwegian Art Scene: ArtReview goes to Norway for a comprehensive look at the countrys art scene. Find out whos hot and where to go in the country once hailed as key to arts miraculous Nordic revival.
In Cold Blood: If you thought Funny Games and the Piano Teacher were hard to watch in places, you havent seen Michael Hanekes first three films.

Plus previews, reviews, manifestos and books. Its all in ArtReview and ArtReview:Digital.
ArtReview magazine is on newsstands from 23 November (International distribution dates subject to overseas delivery times).

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