November 18, 2006 - Paris Photo - Mathieu Bernard-Reymond : Winner of the BMW – Paris Photo Prize for photography
November 18, 2006

Mathieu Bernard-Reymond : Winner of the BMW – Paris Photo Prize for photography

 Mathieu Bernard- Reymond, “untitled n°89″<br>
 from the series Disparitions, 2005<br>
 Courtesy Baudoin Lebon Gallery, Paris

Mathieu Bernard-Reymond : Winner of the BMW – Paris Photo Prize for photography

Paris Photo
November 16-19, 2006
at the Carrousel du Louvre

Paris Photo 2006 : Mathieu Bernard-Reymond, Winner of the BMW Paris Photo Prize for photography

Mathieu Bernard was named winner of the 2006 BMW- Paris Photo Prize for photography at a gala awards ceremony on the 16th of November at Paris Photo, receiving the 12 000 euros (US$ 15, 000) Prize.

Launched in 2004 to support and promote contemporary artists working in the field of photography, the BMW Paris Photo Prize is open to living art photographers represented by galleries participating in Paris Photo. The theme for 2006 was Pleasure.Distilled in connection with the new BMW 3 Series Coupé whose core concepts include:
– Well-being, total osmosis, plenitude, transcendence.
– An exaltation of the five senses.
– A yearning for beauty, great elegance, an ideal.
– A freedom of the spirit that lives its passions without constraint.

13 out the 54 artists whose work was submitted by participating galleries were short-listed by a jury of international experts presided by Didier Maitret, Chairman of BMW France. The jury then worked to select the winning artist. The short-listed works are exhibited during Paris Photo, enabling visitors to enjoy and appreciate contemporary art photography.

The winning work Untitled n°89 by Mathieu Bernard-Reymond, promoted by the Baudoin Lebon Gallery in Paris, is part of the series Disparitions (2001-2006). As the artists explains this series should have been a work on architecture, but it has evolved into a bigger spectrum. The images are often digitally manipulated. However, I like to recall that I do not incorporate external images from my computer. I just accentuate what is already there.

Born in 1976, Mathieu Bernard-Reymond is a French artist who lives and works in Lausanne, Switzerland. In 2003, he won the HSBC photographic award, calling attention to his talent. His work is notably featured in the Fonds National dart contemporain, France and the Elysée Museum in Lausanne.
This years jury of international experts is comprised of Quentin Bajac, photography curator at the MAM-Centre Pompidou, Sarah Moon, photographer, Octave Manset, BMW France communications director; David Neuman, director of the Magasin3, Stockholm; Lars Schwander, collector and director of the Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen, and Gerhard Steidl, CEO of Steidl.
List of 13 short-listed artists exhibited at Paris Photo 2006 :
Axel Antas – White portrait, 2002 Galleria Heino, Helsinki Mathieu Bernard-Reymond – Disparition n° 89, 2006 Baudoin Lebon, Paris Stéphane Couturier – Grand-Palais Paris 8 – Têtes n° 1, 1998 Polaris, Paris Denis Darzacq – La chute n°4 2006, Vu La Galerie, Paris Touhami Ennadre – Franck et François 2001, Alain Le Gaillard, Paris Mitch Epstein – Santa Monica, CA II, 1974 1974, brancolini grimaldi arte contemporaneo, Florence Pierre Faure – # Untitled 7 2004/2006 – Van der Grinten, Cologne Beate Gütschow – LS # 3, 1999 Eric Franck Fine Art, London Trine Sondergaard & Nicolai Howalt, Kromanns Remise # 1 (How to hunt), 2005 Martin Asbaek Projects, Copenhagen Mona Kuhn Jacintha, 2004 Charles Cowles, New York Mario A – The world is beautiful, 2005/2006 Esther Woerdehoff, Paris Tomio Seike – New York, Manhattan, June, 1985 Robert Klein Gallery, Boston Alex Ten Napel – Eric Timo and Raymon, 2006 Ton Peek Photography, Utrecht
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