November 6, 2006 - frieze - issue 103 out now
November 6, 2006

issue 103 out now

frieze issue 103

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Embarrassment is a challenge; I want to paint things that are uncomfortable.

In issue 103 of frieze Maria Lassnig talks to Jörg Heiser about nearly 70 years of painting difficult and complex pictures that attempt to visualize the invisible aspects of her bodily sensations.

Boredom is just an undercoat that allows the startling, the interesting and the improbable to emerge.

Dominic Eichler considers the work of Peter Piller, whose archive of found photographs reveals curious gems of unintended meaning.

Also, Jan Verwoert reflects on Jutta Koethers omnivorous practice, in which painting, writing and music exert influence over each other, and Dan Fox conducts an imaginary interview with dead novelist B.S. Johnson on truth, fiction and representation in the films and photographs of artist Gerard Byrne.

Bert Rebhandl absorbs himself in the compelling films of director Apichatpong Weerasethakul, which delve into the realms of folklore and the supernatural, and Peter Eleey looks at the art of Helen Mirra, whose work in sound, film, photography, text and sculpture is rich in allusions. Pawel Althamer responds to the frieze questionnaire.

Also featured: Mick Peter by Tom Morton, Katya Sander by Lars Bang Larsen, Haegue Yang by Emily Pethick and Steve Roden by Michael Ned Holte.

In the Front section Sarah Khan charts the rise and fall of BRAVO, Germanys most iconic teen magazine, Emily King examines the idea of the Super Normal in design and in Life In Film Rebecca Warren describes some of her favourite films. Plus Robert Storr asks what happened to the anger of puerile pop, Brian Dillon traces Western cultures obsession with detritus and decay and Tirdad Zolghadr questions the politics of consumption in the legendary Dada venue Cabaret Voltaire.

The Back section includes reviews of: The Eighth Square, Liverpool Biennial, Strange Powers, Momentum 2006, Hans Bellmer and Pierre Klossowski, Adam McEwen, Edward Krasinski, Sarah Morris, We All Laughed At Christopher Columbus, Torsten Lauschmann, David Noonan, Paulina Olowska, David Osbaldeston, Objet à Part, Seth Price, Gilles Barbier, Vidya Gastaldon, Nina Katchadourian, Mark Dutcher, The Grand Promenade and Deborah Turbeville.

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