November 1, 2006 - Artforum - November 2006 in Artforum
November 1, 2006

November 2006 in Artforum

November 2006 in Artforum

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Now that I consider my philosophical works to have been completed . . . Ive begun work on a big feature film. It will be called The Life of Plato. –Alain Badiou

Also in November: Film critic James Quandt reflects on Tacita Deans summer retrospective in Basel, saying that in her latest film, Kodak–which appears on this months cover–the artist seems inspired to new heights by the very imminence of her mediums disappearance.

As the poet of imperiled sites, abandoned dwellings, defunct technology, and architectural relics, [Dean] is at once an English romantic, an aesthetic descendant of Turner, Gerard Manley Hopkins, and Michael Powell, and a recalcitrant materialist. –James Quandt on Tacita Dean

And: Joan Jonas talks with fellow artist Seth Price about The Shape, the Scent, the Feel of Things. Inspired by Aby Warburgs writings about his travels to the American Southwest, Jonass piece premiered last spring at Dia:Beacon before receiving an encore production there last month.

I recently had a conversation with Simone Forti about Butoh dance, which is very simple but very powerful; a friend of mine described it as being on the edge of nothing. Thats a place I like to be. –Joan Jonas

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