October 27, 2006 - Cabinet - issue 23, with a special section on “Fruits,” available now
October 27, 2006

issue 23, with a special section on “Fruits,” available now

Cabinet magazine issue 23, with a special section on Fruits, available now
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Serving up a cornucopia of material on the theme, including:

– Fran Beauman on the pineapple as an early status symbol
– The Los Angeles-based artist collective, Fallen Fruit, on property laws and public fruit
– Barry Sanders on his fathers tomato wholesale business in Los Angeless rough-and-tumble pre-war produce market
– Ellen Birrells artist project, starring mutant bud mite lemons from her own farm
– Frances Richard on Thoreaus unfinished manuscript, Wild Fruits
– Larry Tye on Freuds nephew, Eddie Bernays, and his role in the colonial adventures of the United Fruit Company
– Sina Najafi in conversation with Adam Leith Gollner on the aptly named miracle fruit and why it was banned by the FDA
And a delectable array of other bounty, including:

– Brian Dillon on the curious research conducted at the British governments Common Cold Unit
– Irene Cheng on beaver dams, beehives, and the nineteenth-century debate on animal consciousness
– McKenzie Wark on how we all came to live in The Game
– Anna von Mertenss artist project mapping the position of the stars during the most violent moments of American history
– Christopher Turner on Gerhard Zuckers quixotic proposal for rocket mail
– Sabrina Gschwandtner on string games, eruvim, and quipu knots
– Joshua Glenn on the color scarlet
– Anne Walsh and Chris Kubick on sound effect catalogues
– Jeffrey Kastner in conversation with Andrew Smith on the colonial history of the turkey
– Celeste Olalquiaga on the bowels of Paris

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