October 19, 2006 - ArtReview - unveils its annual Power 100 — digitally.
October 19, 2006

unveils its annual Power 100 — digitally.

ArtReview unveils its annual Power 100 — digitally.

The ArtReview Power 100 appears in the November edition of the magazine which is now available digitally with the launch of ArtReview Digital. ArtReview Power 100 November issue is now available on newsstands worldwide.

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POWER 100 Is Art Power?

Power 100 is now in its fifth successive year and is the definitive list of the 100 most influential people in contemporary art.

To celebrate its fifth anniversary, the Power 100 comes in an extended supplement, sponsored by Giorgio Armani, which includes analysis of the results of this years list, as well as interviews, profiles and portraits of the personalities who figure on the list.
Whos in, Whos Out

The 2006 list sees some of the most dramatic changes in the Power 100 history, with many regulars from previous years dropping off entirely to make place for new names. For the first time in two years the list also features art critics, the list also reveals the rise in influence of curators with ten on this years list compared to last years four.

The drastic changes this year conform to the changes the magazine has undergone, ArtReviews Editor-in-Chief, John Weich, explains.

Half of those listed were not on the list last year, meaning a huge number has dropped off. One reason is that we are focusing less on modernism and more on contemporary art. The second is that the contemporary art world is extraordinarily dynamic and increasingly more global and this list reflects this.

As ever, the US dominates the list followed by the UK with art hotbeds such as Switzerland, Germany and France featuring. Chinas emerging status is reflected by its entries on this year_s list.
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With the Power 100 issue, ArtReview launches ArtReview:Digital, a completely digital version of the magazine. Always online and fast and easy to navigate, ArtReview:Digital comes with a completely searchable index and can be downloadable to your desktop for archive purposes.

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Who is number one on the Power 100? Find out now.

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ArtReview Power 100 November issue is now available on newsstands worldwide.

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