September 5, 2006 - Tate Modern - UBS Openings: Saturday Live MUMBA, 16 September 2006
September 5, 2006

UBS Openings: Saturday Live MUMBA, 16 September 2006

UBS Openings: Saturday Live MUMBAI
Tate Modern, 16 September 2006

UBS Openings: Saturday Live is a bi-monthly Tate Modern event presenting cutting-edge contemporary performance and music. The forthcoming UBS Openings: Saturday Live is an opportunity to experience the remarkable cultural scene of Mumbai and explore the pioneering work produced in this lively and eclectic Indian metropolis.

Mapping Mumbai
Starr Auditorium, 10.3017.00
booking required

Mumbai is a vibrant, diverse and contradictory metropolis. It is home to a burgeoning art scene with an increasingly International presence. It is also the economic capital of a nation which is clearly emerging as a prominent player on the world stage. This event seeks to map Mumbai: it will look at some of the artists who live and work there and the ways in which the city has influenced their work. It also considers the role that the arts and culture have played in the regeneration of the city and how that role looks set to change. The speakers include Girish Shahane, Rahul Srivastava, Sudhir Patwardhan, Shai Heredia and Ashok Sukumaran.

Cinema of Prayoga: Indian Experimental Film and Video 19132006
Migration and [Dis]location
Starr Auditorium, 18.0019.30
booking required

Part of Cinema of Prayoga: Indian Experimental Film and Video 19132006

Friday 15 September Tuesday 19 September 2006

Cinema of Prayoga is a series of film screenings surveying artists’ film work from India that, despite the popularity of Indian cinema, remains relatively unknown. Prayoga is a Sanskrit word which loosely translates as ‘experiment’ in English but can also mean ‘representation’. This project aims to present these works in a comprehensive appraisal of powerful and personal film-making outside of the popular Bollywood system. The Migration and [Dis]location programme focuses on the emergence of influential work by NRI (non-resident Indian) artists. In a variety of contexts, these artists live, study and/or work outside India and are returning to explore their cultural roots. The films in this programme map these processes of migration and cross-cultural dialogue, pointing to the range of self-analytical strategies deployed by NRI artists in negotiating their postcolonial status. The artists include Shumona Goel, Anuradha Chandra and Xav Leplae.

Curated by Karen Mirza and Brad Butler,

With support from The British Council and Arts Council England.


Throughout the day performances by artists from or connected with Mumbai will take place at Tate Modern. These interventions and events will begin with Encounter(s) by artists Tejal Shah and Varsha Nair, a succession of moveable tableaux vivants that will engage with different public spaces within the museum. Amongst minimalist sculptures in the Idea and Object wing, Monali Mehers performance Between the Familiar/Unfamiliar, the Home and Heart, Beats a Golden Kiss investigates love, language and inter-cultural exchange. In the evening the Café is the venue for the book launch of Cinema of Prayoga: Indian Experimental Film and Video 19132006 and live performances by London-based poets, Darchetypes, choreographer Sujata Goel whose work with Tarek Halaby, DISCO DANCER, reinvents the choreographic language of Bollywood for a club context. The night will end with a set by Mumbai-based musician Mukul

For the full programme of events and to book tickets (if required) visit:

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