July 25, 2006 - Spacex - Jordan McKenzie
July 25, 2006

Jordan McKenzie

Jordan McKenzie
29 July-23 September 2006

Performance: AT ARMS LENGTH
Friday 28 July 2006, 2-6pm Exeter City Centre, UK

Start Point: Cathedral Yard
SPACEX 45 Preston Street, Exeter EX1 1DF, UK
Phone: 44 (0)1392 431786
Open Tues – Sat, 10am – 5pm, admission free


Jordan McKenzies work explores drawing and other processes of mark making in relation to the human body.

On the opening night of the exhibition, Jordan McKenzie will set out on a 4-hour performance titled, At Arms Length. The performance will take place across the city of Exeter involving the artist manoeuvring a cube which is the length of his arm and drawing upon the surfaces with graphite. The performance will start from Exeter Cathedral Yard and the audience will be invited to follow the artist on his route to reach the final destination at Spacex and attend the preview of his exhibition. The cube will reside at Spacex for the duration of the exhibition as a trace of the action that took place.

The exhibition showcases newly commissioned work for Spacex, alongside existing pieces exploring drawing, performance and the process of mapping the body within an architectural space. These pieces are not concerned with presenting drawings as finished works of art but rather as processes, bodily acts exploring the sensuous language of gesture. The artist will create the works at Spacex the week before the exhibition opens, drawing directly on to the walls and floor and temporarily altering the physical space of the gallery.

The title of the exhibition makes reference to Leonardo Da Vincis Vitruvian man: an image of man whereby the body is reduced to a set of universal and perfect measured dimensions. All the works in the exhibition use the measurement of the artists own body to create a group of drawings that explore the notion of drawing as a performative act.
The exhibition showcases new commissioned work for Spacex. Supported by Mackenzie Glass.

SPACEX is a public-funded contemporary art space and registered educational charity. It works to encourage public engagement with the latest developments in contemporary art through commissioned projects, exhibitions, events, talks and activities for all ages. Admission is free. Supported by Arts Council England, Exeter City Council and Devon County Council.
For more information contact info@spacex.co.uk / t: 44 (0)1392 431786.

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