July 19, 2006 - Ashkal Alwan - Urgent: Lebanese Refugee Support
July 19, 2006

Urgent: Lebanese Refugee Support

Urgent: Lebanese Refugee Support

Israeli Air Force bombing a series of bridges and roads linking Beirut to Damascus, photo taken by Walid Raad on July 14 Dear friends, we are forwarding this request for help for refugees in Lebanon on behalf of Ashkal Alwan, an organization we highly respect which organizes some of the most important contemporary art events in the Middle East. We ourselves are making a financial contribution and strongly urge you to also do so, if possible, as it is really a critical situation.

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Al Huda Society for Social Care is a civic non profit organization based and active in Beirut. The Society was established in 1987 during the Lebanese civil war. It has been active in providing social care for underprivileged families in Beirut, responding to the needs of each era. Its activities included launching a sponsorship program for children, who were orphaned during the 1975-1990 war; providing a day care services center for children; organizing summer camps for children of the occupied zone in South Lebanon (before 2000); providing assistance and relief for internally displaced families during the Israeli attack on Lebanon in April 2006; and establishing Nasma Learning and Resource Centre for students in public schools in the Ras Beirut area.

In light of the Israeli attack on Lebanon at this time, thousands of families have fled the most afflicted areas to become refugees in other parts of their country, including Beirut . Al-Huda Society has redirected its resources to cater to the needs of as many families as possible. Currently it is responsible for the welfare of around 200 displaced families in the Ras Beirut area. It is distributing daily rations to each family with the cost of each ration being 15 USD. The Society aspires to increase the number of families in its care, as the number of families fleeing the Israeli bombardment is continuously increasing. The essential condition for achieving this goal is increasing resources, namely financial.
In this respect all assistance is a need.
Please send your donations to:

Account Name: Al Houda Society
Account No. 02 43020 047465
Bank: Bankmed
Branch: Makdessi Branch
Via: Bank of New York , New York
A/C No. 8900057343
UID: CH035040

Ashkal Alwan
Ain Mreisseh, Phoenicia St., Saab Bldg. number 5, 6th Floor, Apt. 12B
Phone : 961 1 360251 Fax: 961 1 360251
E-mail: info@ashkalalwan.org web address www.ashkalalwan.org

Ashkal Alwan
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