July 3, 2006 - Rohkunstbau - THREE COLOURS – BLUE, July 9 – September 10, 2006
July 3, 2006

THREE COLOURS – BLUE, July 9 – September 10, 2006

Monica Bonvicini, NOT FOR YOU, 2006
Schloss Groß Leuthen, Metal, 40 Watt bulbs, dimmer, zinced steel, cable
300 x 74,3 cm
Courtesy the artist and Galleria Emi Fontana, Milan
© Monica Bonvicini, Photo: Arwed Messmer

July 9-September 10, 2006

Groß Leuthen Castle / Spreewald Opening:
July 8, 3 pm, Auction at 4 pm

Artistic director: Arvid Boellert
Exhibition curator: Mark Gisbourne
Festival curator: Max Schumacher

Wednesday to Friday 2 pm 8 pm
Saturday and Sunday 10 am 8 pm
E-Mail: info [​at​] rohkunstbau.de Web: www.rohkunstbau.de

Since 1994 the name Rohkunstbau has been synonymous with high-quality international art presented in the lakeside castle of Groß Leuthen, near Berlin. The year 2006 marks a turning point in the history of Rohkunstbau. For the first time, the programme will consist of an exhibition trilogythree years, three themes, and three coloursinspired by Krzysztof Kieslowskis film trilogy Three Colours: Blue, White, Red, in which the Polish director addresses the ideals of the French Revolution in the here and now. Like Kieslowski, Rohkunstbau counters empty socio-political phrases with private stories, we are concerned with personal destinies and experiences, in which the private and the individual come to the fore. This aspect of our concept can be depicted by the artists more clearly in the contemplative seclusion Groß Leuthen offers, which engenders a high level of personal freedom. But how much freedom is really necessary?

In new works of art and productions created specifically for Rohkunstbau and the lakeside castle of Groß Leuthen, the artists
Vasco Araújo (Portugal)
Sylvie Barré (France)
The Blue Noses (Russia)
Monica Bonvicini (Italy)
AK Dolven (Norway)
Hannah Dougherty (USA)
Mona Hatoum (UK)
Langlands & Bell (UK)
Melanie Manchot (Germany)
Gregor Schneider (Germany)
Costa Vece (Switzerland)
Michael Wesely (Germany)

will show their different artistic expressions of what it means to feel free, to highlight and evoke through personal aesthetic examples positions celebrating individually-motivated feelings of freedom.

During the festival, choreographers, musicians, theatre directors, and performance artists will, together with partner institutions such as HAU, Dock11, Sophiensaele and Fabrik Potsdam, find new answers and ask new questions in their site-specific open air productions.

The day of the opening the first Rohkunstbau benefit auction will take place for the benefit of Rohkunstbaus next exhibition. The Freunde des Rohkunstbau e.V. initiated the auction with works of this years and last years Rohkunstbau artists, friends, collectors or fans. The result shows an impressing list of international artists: Sylvie Barré, Norbert Bisky, Sergej Bratkov, Monica Bonvicini, Micha Brendel, A K Dolven, Hannah Dougherty, Thomas Florschuetz, Laura Ford, ///////////fur////, Mona Hatoum, Katrin Hoffert, Jürgen Hohmuth, Lina Kim & Michael Wesely, Langlands & Bell, Melanie Manchot, Steffen Mühle, Berit Myrebøe, Arnulf Rainer, Adrian Sauer, Cornelia Schleime, Gregor Schneider, Costa Vece, Cornelius Völker and Yoo Junghyun.
Auctioneer: Prof. Dr. Peter Raue.

The title of Rohkunstbau XIII, THREE COLOURS BLUE, follows the trilogy Three Colours: Blue White Red by the Polish filmmaker Krzyzstof Kieslowski, who problematises the intense desire for freedom, equality, and fraternity. It marks the beginning of Rohkunstbaus own trilogy along similar lines for 2006-2008.

Patron of THREE COLOURS BLUE WHITE RED from 2006 to 2008:
José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission

Artistic director: Arvid Boellert
Exhibition curator: Mark Gisbourne
Festival curator: Max Schumacher Location: Wasserschloss, 15913 Groß Leuthen / Spreewald Exhibition dates: July 9 September 10, 2006 Opening: Juli 8 at 3 pm, Auction at 4 pm Opening hours: Wednesday to Friday 2 pm 8 pm Saturday and Sunday 10 am 8 pm E-Mail: info@rohkunstbau.de Web: www.rohkunstbau.de
Press and communication:
Bluhm PR
Sylke Bluhm and Ron Bloch
Tel: 49 30 2408 47 88
E-Mail: info@bluhmpr.de
The Rohkunstbau XIII exhibition is sponsored by:
The German Federal Cultural Foundation, the Federal State of Brandenburg, Ostdeutsche Sparkassenstiftung, Landkreis Dahme-Spreewald, Amt Märkische Heide, Mittelbrandenburgische Sparkasse in Potsdam, Stiftung Großes Waisenhaus, Verein der Freunde des Rohkunstbau e.V., Observer
Organiser: Stiftung SPI, Brandenburg

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