June 14, 2006 - Artforum - SCENE & HERD: behind the scene at the Art Basel
June 14, 2006

SCENE & HERD: behind the scene at the Art Basel

Left: Art Basel fair director Samuel Keller with photographer Andreas Gursky. Middle: Dealer Paula Cooper in front of a work by artist Kelley Walker. Right: Dealer Marian Goodman with photographer Thomas Struth. (All photos: Sarah Thornton) 

SCENE & HERD: behind the scene at the Art Basel


06.14Trân Dúc Vân on the road to Basel

Christies Amy Cappellazzo, sporting a country blush, was bemoaning the blooms she would miss at her weekend place on account of the Basel tour. Shes right, of course: If your passion is peonies and your duty Art Basel, youre basically screwed.
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06.12Sarah Thornton previews the fair

With a day to go before the opening of Art Basel, the stands of confident Swiss dealers were still stacked high with crates, while those whod only recently gained access to this elite club were so completely prepared that they looked ready for Armageddon. Rumor had it that this year private dealer Philippe Segalot had hired a Hollywood makeup artist then roamed the fair bald, without eyebrows, and with a scar on his cheek.
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06.15Nicolas Trembley around Basel

After the relaxed vibe at LISTEs basement-to-attic maze in the old Wartek beer factory, the thirty-odd Swiss Art awards, presided over by Parkett founder Jacqueline Burkhardt and presented in the countrys three official languages, dragged on as usual. As in years past, by the end the proceedings many in the audience had absconded to a nearby alley for a glass or two of local white wine and were decidedly tipsy by the end of the ceremony.
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