June 10, 2006 - National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC), Bucharest - Dutch Installation Art
June 10, 2006

Dutch Installation Art

Image, Gerald van der Kaap, Chill Cave, 1992

Dutch Installation Art
20 May – 9 September

Curator: Annet Dekker

National Museum of Contemporary Art, MNAC, Bucharest
The Netherlands Media Art Institute / Montevideo Time Based Arts


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Optical illusions have fascinated man as far back as the Middle Ages, and continue to do so. For some time now film has been the magical medium par excellence, but since the rise of video film no longer has the sole claim to this magic. With virtual reality and the computer the possibilities seem unlimited. In the exhibition Dutch Installation Art a desire for the extraordinary, which is at the core of any fantastic machine, travels through as an undercurrent – and is often transferred to the viewer as an experience for the senses.

The artists in the exhibition reveal the magic in media art. By playing with space, light and shadow, extreme close-ups or computer techniques the art magique is brought to life. When you enter the darkened space of the video installation Dislocations by Martijn Veldhoen your eyes are immediately drawn towards a white cross on the floor, lit from above by a spotlight. And just as in the plaza in front of St. Peter’s, this marks the spot where something happens, where the horizon shifts and opens up a different perspective. The single channel video Starship by Bernard Gigounon is a spectacle of scudding spaceships, or are they? The images in Starship form an impressive entity, in no way inferior to science fiction films like Star Wars. However, as you watch longer, it appears that the airships did not originate in the imagination of the artist. And laying down in the Chill Terminal, artist Gerald van der Kaap brings people in a state of total hoverty – ‘No other drugs required. All senses operative’. (Annet Dekker)
Artists: Michiel van Bakel, Jasper van den Brink, Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács, Rikkert Brok, eddie d, Nan Hoover, Jan Peter van der Wenden, Kirsten Geisler, Bernard Gigounon, Andreas Siefert, Bill Spinhoven, Eric Steensma, Martijn Veldhoen, Gerald van der Kaap.

For more details a catalogue is available upon request.
An exhibition organized by MNAC in cooperation with The Netherlands Media Art Institute / Montevideo Time Based Arts.

With the support of The Royal Netherlands Embassy in Bucharest and Mondriaan Foundation.

Sponsors: HP, BRD, Paravion.ro / Millennium Tour, JW Marriott. Bucharest Grand Hotel, ATIPIC PLUS, Peroni
Media partners: 24 Fun, Re:PUBLIK, Igloo, Arhitectura, Rfi


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The Netherlands Media Art Institute
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National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC), Bucharest
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