June 7, 2006 - Artecontexto - Issue 10
June 7, 2006

Issue 10

ARTECONTEXTO, art, culture and new media 
Issue 10

Dossier: Comic World
(Carles Santamaría, John Carlin, Trina Robbins, Peter Frank, Jordi Costa) Oscar Seco, Chefer
Interview: Hal Foster Nicola de Maria Habana Bienal
Cybercontext Info Books International Reviews
Quarterly publication. Bilingual: Spanish / English. 156 pages in colour Distributed around the world in specialised bookstores. Edited in Spain
Publisher and Editor: Alicia Murría


ARTECONTEXTO, art culture and new media is a magazine about the art of today that is intended to stimulate discussion and theoretical analysis of artistic practices in the international context. It pays particular attention to new media and net.art.

ARTECONTEXTO is a bridge connecting Europe and Latin America.

The profound changes that the world of art is undergoing call for new approaches. Artistic practices are now affected by formulas coming from other fields which call for greater complexity in their analysis and new and different tools of understanding. ARTECONTEXTO takes up and reflects this complexity and constitutes a new critical space in progress.


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