June 1, 2006 - Castellón County Council Painting Prize - III INTERNATIONAL PAINTING PRIZE
June 1, 2006


left Manu Muniategui; in the middle winner <b>Melvin Martínez</b>; right Toño Barreiro (ESPAI, edition 2005)
Courtesy: the artists and Castellón County Council

Castellón County Council Painting Prize
Castellón (Spain)

Artistic director: Paco Barragán
Sponsored by Modern Painters

Reception works 1st June to 31st August 2006 inclusive
For Terms & Conditions see www.dipcas.es/premiopintura.htm  (Español)

60.000 for winning artist
Entry by sending jpeg over the email
Distinguished international jury

The Castellón County Council (Spain) launches the III edition of its International Painting Prize

In a short period of time, the Castellón County Council Painting Prize has gained international recognition due to its innovative approach and being the first painting prize to consider expanded painting.

In words of the artistic director, Paco Barragán, expanded painting has to be understood as the relationship and interaction of painting with other media such as photography, video, installation, sculpture or new technologies (painting, 3D, collage, projected painting, installation) and on any kind of support (canvas, DVD, paper, plastic, wood), as here is where the creativity and future of painting resides.

The main goal of the prize sponsored by Modern Painters, an LTB publication, is to help artists consolidate an international reputation and facilitate the emergence of new talents on the contemporary art scene. This has been clearly the case with Pablo Alonso and Melvin Martínez, winners of the I and II editions respectively.

The II edition was very successful as it received works from over 35 countries, and as far as New Zealand, Colombia, Macedonia, Syria, Greece, Argentina and Canada. The jury of the last prize said to be impressed by the variety and quality of the entries.

The Castellón County Council has selected again a distinguished international jury:
-Franz Ackermann, artist -Barry Schwabsky, art critic and writer -Javier Panera, director Domus Artium (DA2) -Karen Wright, editor Modern Painters -Wences Rambla, Professor of Aesthetics

Acting as pre-jury are
-Rosa Ulpiano, art critic and independent curator -Paco Barragán, artistic director and independent curator

In order to encourage artists from all around the world to participate, entry requirements have been amended and entrants will no longer have to send the original work but can send the required material (JPEG of the work, CV and form) by email.
Any artist is invited to take part, regardless of his/her nationality, residence or age.

There is one first prize of 60.000 payable to the artist of the awarded work, making the Castellón Painting Prize one of the highest paid awards in the world.

For further information and application, please look into the Castellón County Councils website. Please read the FAQs and conditions carefully before entering the prize.

www.dipcas.es/paintingprize.htm (English)
www.dipcas.es/premiopintura.htm (Español)
email: targetyourart@yahoo.es

The III International Painting Prize is sponsored by Modern Painters, an LTB publication, one of the worlds largest arts publishers and art information provider.

Castellón County Council Painting Prize

Castellón County Council Painting Prize
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