May 22, 2006 - Bâlelatina - contemporary art fair: June 15th – 18th
May 22, 2006

contemporary art fair: June 15th – 18th

contemporary art fair: June 15th - 18th
Brasilea Kulturhaus, Westquai 39,
Dreilandereck, Basel, Switzerland
Schedule: June 15th – 18th, 11:00 – 21:00 Daily
June 14, 11:00-14:00 Press Opening
June 14, 14:00 – 18:00 VIP Preview
June 14, 18:00 – 21:00 Vernissage
June 14, 21:00 – 24:00 ArtNexus Inaugural Party

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Contemporary art fair expands the cultural experience this summer at Basel, Switzerland

bâlelatina 2006 is set to launch it’s inaugural year on June 14th at Brasilea Kulturhaus. bâlelatina is a curated contemporary art fair showcasing international galleries exhibiting artists, who for the most part, will preview for the first time in the European art market. bâlelatinas intention is to expand the views and definitions associated with Latin art by creating a platform leading from the regional to the global. bâlelatina promises a notable event during the annual meeting place of the art world, Basel Switzerland.

Twenty eight international galleries have been confirmed for bâlelatina including Alejandra Von Hartz, Miami; Andersen_S, Copenhagen; Casas Riegner, Bogota, Daniel Abate, Buenos Aires; Diana Lowenstein, Miami; Durban-Segnini, Miami; Espacio Distrito Cuatro, Madrid; Fucares, Madrid; Garash, Mexico D.F., Henrique Faria, NY; Juan Ruiz Galeria, Maracaibo, Venezuela; Kevin Bruk, Miami; La Estacion, Chihuahua, Mexico, latincollector, NY; Leon Tovar Projects, NY; Marilia Razuk, Sao Paulo; Nara Roesler, Sao Paulo; nina menocal, Mexico D.F.; Prometeogallery, Milan; Travesia Cuatro, Madrid; T20, Murcia, Spain; Sicardi, Houston.

The Videobox program will present videos by galleries such as Alcuadrado (Bogota) with Maria Teresa Hincapie, Arteconsult (Panama) with Brooke Alfaro, Donna Conlon, Cu4rto Nivel (Bogota) with Alberto Baraya, Douz and Mille (Washington) with Carolina Sardi, Magdalena Fernandez, Hardcore (Miami) with Nela Ochoa, Nestor Prieto & Juan Maristany, Nara Roesler (Sao Pualo) with Brigida Baltar, nina menocal (Mexico City) with Gustavo Artigas, Gonzalo Lebrija, and Oscar Cueto, Prometeogallery (Milan) with Anibal Lopez, Valenzuela y Klenner (Bogota) with Jose Alejandro Restrepo, Victor Escobar, Beltran Obregon, Wilson Diaz, T20 with Kauro Katayama and Sicardi (Houston) with Oscar Muñoz.

bâlelatina will feature special projects by artists Alvaro Verduzco, Mexico, Anibal Catalan, Mexico; Maurycy Gomulicky, Poland/Mexico; Niura Bellavinha, Brazil; Ramses Larzabal, Venezuela; and Tomas Saraceno, Argentina. La Terraza, designed by Luisponsd-lab at the Brasilea rooftop overlooking the Rhine, will serve as an ideal setting for collectors, press, and fair participants to interact, relax, and enjoy.

bâlelatina is proud to announce support from ‘Amigos de bâlelatina, comprised of some of the most distinguished members of the art community. A catalogue will be available highlighting the participating galleries and artists. Directly located on the banks of the Rhine, bâlelatina, in conjunction with Volta Show, will provide transportation by ferry from Liste and by shuttle from Art Basel to facilitate accessibility and easy circulation. bâlelatina is a seminal event showcasing contemporary Latin artists as a supplemental event to the already existing vibrant cultural mecca of the art world.

Mariangela Capuzzo Juan Luis Morales
Artistic Director, Marketing and PR Show Manager

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