May 11, 2006 - Volume Magazine - The Architecture of Power, part 2: Power Building
May 11, 2006

The Architecture of Power, part 2: Power Building

The Architecture of Power, part 2: Power Building

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VOLUME 6 After showing how power manifests itself in details ( Volume 5), Volume 6 discusses power at the scale of the building. Francesco Bonami, Ole Bouman, Zvi Efrat, Jeffrey Inaba, Jeannie Kim, Rem Koolhaas, Brendan McGetrick, Markus Miessen, Lina Stergiou, Robert Stern and many more on superchurches in the USA, the palaces of Saddam Hussein, penthouses taking over whole skyscrapers, entrance lobbies, detention centres, security fences, the perseverance of modernist utopias, and much more. Including a dossier on desperately decadent megalo projects in the Gulf region.
VOLUME 6, 152 pages

VOLUME is an innovative magazine that goes beyond architectures definition of making buildings. Instead, it reaches out for global views on architecture in the context of the broader issues of social structures and creating environments to live in. VOLUME is a dynamic experimental think tank devoted to the process of spatial and cultural reflexivity. Its aim is to break open traditional discourses on architecture, allowing for new dialogues about innovative architectural practice.

Volume is published by the Archis Foundation, Amsterdam
VOLUME, a project by Archis AMO C-lab
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