April 22, 2006 - NSCAD University Press - Limited Edition of Claes Oldenburg’s Raw Notes
April 22, 2006

Limited Edition of Claes Oldenburg’s Raw Notes

Limited Edition of Claes Oldenburgs Raw Notes

A cased limited edition of 90, including a signed and numbered copy of Raw Notes (554 pages, 53 bw plates) and an original signed and numbered lithograph by Claes Oldenburg entitled The Office. A Typewriter Print. Ghost Version. (A six-coloured print on 33 x 27.5″ Arches Book Text, signed and numbered by Claes Oldenburg.)

In 1972, Oldenburg scrupulously assembled every bit of textual material relating to four performances of the sixties: Stars, Moveyhouse, Massage, and The Typewriter, for this publication with the Press of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. According to his specifications, the text in the book was typed rather than set and appears on only one side of the page. Examples of the original manuscript are reproduced in sixty-three script plates, including stage plans, scores, sketches for programs and posters. More than two hundred annotations by the author expand the text. The 2005 reprinting of Raw Notes has meticulously followed the original design.

Exclusive to this limited Deluxe Edition is the hand-pulled lithograph The Office. A Typewriter Print. Ghost Version. The print measures 33 x 22.5 and is printed in six colours on Arches Book Text at the NSCAD University Printshop by Dan ONeill, Graham Thoem, and Michael Young. Oldenburg describes the print as an accumulation of sounds overheard on location in an office in 1968, made of photo-enlargements of typing produced on a 1927 L. C. Smith typewriter on which many of the original notes were typed. Each impression is folded to a finished size of 11 x 7.5 to fit with Raw Notes in a hinged, cloth covered box.

The Press of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design was established in 1972 as a vehicle to publish books by and about leading contemporary artists. Between 1972 and 1987, twenty six titles by such artists as Michael Snow, Steve Reich, Gerhard Richter and Yvonne Rainer were published. Re-launched in 2002, the NSCAD Press will once again establish the university as a source for the publishing of primary documents and scholarly works in the fields of contemporary art, craft and design.
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