April 6, 2006 - frieze - issue 98 out now
April 6, 2006

issue 98 out now

frieze issue 98 out now

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One day, the ultimate formula occurred to us. It was like Einsteins e=mc2: Autobahn!

Michael Bracewell talks to Ralf Hütter of Kraftwerk about the bands past and future in art and music and Jörg Heiser talks to Throbbing Gristle about their first album in 25 years.

Jan Verwoert is enthralled by the films of Jonas Mekas, a personal testament to friendship, exile and the flow of history. Sue Tompkins responds with a specially commissioned artwork for frieze, to Jennifer Higgies feature on her work. Mark Godfrey explores the exuberant sculptures, melodramatic videos and discursive performances of Damián Ortega, Catrin Lorch considers Dan Perjovschis assault on the white cube and Tom Morton contemplates Angela Bullochs use of light, sound, text, video and objects to explore the systems that organize our behaviour.

Also featured: Brian Jungen by Craig Burnett, Loris Gréaud by Tom Morton, Uwe Henneken by Kirsty Bell and Cris Brodahl by Melissa Gronlund.

In the front section Nancy Spector considers artists working with large-scale participatory events and Dan Fox experiences Russell Haswell and Florian Heckers UPIC Diffusion Session #1. Plus George Pendle on Whit Stillman, Brian Dillon on the redevelopment of Battersea Power Station and Robert Storr tries to cover the ground and see the big picture on a visit to London.

The back section includes reviews of Michel Majerus, David Hammons, Daniel Roth, Turin Triennial, Alice Könitz, Julian Göthe, 15th Videobrasil International Electronic Art Festival, Jack Pierson, Damien Roach, Nina Canell, George Brecht, Simone Shubuck, Spinning the Web, Jon Kessler, Bedwyr Williams, Stephen Willats, Marko Lulic, William Kentridge, Ellen Harvey, Hiroshi Sugimoto and Le Voyage Intérieur.

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