March 6, 2006 - SCOPE Art Show - 10th -13th March 2006
March 6, 2006

10th -13th March 2006

Sarah Pickering, Land Mine, 2005
Courtesy Daniel Cooney Gallery 

scope New York
10th -13th March 2006

Daily 11am-8pm
Place: 636 Eleventh Avenue, NYC
(Between 46th and 47th Street)

More information:
Dan Schwartz
212-947-4557 <

Like No Other

New York– Scope hunts down that most endangered of species: the emerging artist. Both moving target and elusive chameleon, Scopes 80 participants capture this exotic breed in their roving crosshairs. Challenging passive viewing with 30,000 square feet of open-range, Scope New York exposes visitors to a real-time survey of the contemporary art world available nowhere else.

Like no other fair, Scope presents a full schedule of special events, performances and screenings, including daily performances on the grassy hilltop stage. Scope New York 2006 will be open daily from 11 am to 8 pm. Catalogues are available.

Curators Choice Reception Friday, March 10, 6-9pm
MoMA, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Whitney Museum of American Art, The Brooklyn Museum, The Studio Museum in Harlem, and New Museum of Contemporary Art join Scope curators for the Curators Choice Reception, Friday, 6-9pm, March 10, 2006. RSVP
Hiro Soiree Friday, March 10, 9pm-Late
ScopeNew York celebrates at Hiro, located at 363 W. 16th Street (at the Maritime Hotel). Featuring local New York and Brooklyn bands: Lycaon Pictus, Nous Non Plus, LAKE, Christy & Emily, Chick, and DJ Count Porkchopulous.

11am-8pm New Museum Point of View
ScopeNewYork 2006 presents Point of View: An Anthology of the Moving Image, a co-production of the New Museum of Contemporary Art and BICK Productions, screened daily on multiple flat screens in the Cinema-scope Theater. Point of View features original work by renowned artists Francis Alys, David Claerbout, Douglas Gordon, Gary Hill, Pierre Huyghe, Joan Jonas, Isaac Julien, William Kentridge, Paul McCarthy, Pipilotti Rist and Anri Sala. Commissioned by the New Museum of Contemporary Art as part of an exhibit of the same title, Point of View is a special edition eleven DVD box-set, designed as an affordable, collectible piece of art, and an educational resource. The anthology is an exploration of a cross-generational group of video artists intended to expand the accessibility of video art to a broader audience. Further inquiries: Ceci Moss, Point of View Sales Director, at, or through the New Museum Store,
11am-8pm All Systems Go!
On behalf of Rhizome, Curator Marisa Olson features high-tech, low-tech, and hybrid work ranging from drawing, sculpture, video installation and custom electronics, which explore digital, representational, political, and social systems. is a new media art organization, and an affiliate of the New Museum of Contemporary Art.
11am-8pm Scope on Air
free103point9 presents Transmission Artists electrifying the FM airwaves, featuring live performances and transmission works broadcast daily from the free103point9 radio-booth. free103point9 is a non-profit media arts organization focused on establishing and cultivating Transmission Arts. This genre includes experimental practices in radio art, video art, light sculpture, and installation and performance utilizing the wireless spectrum. free103point9 activates support and promote artists exploring transmission mediums for creative expression. free103point9 programs include transmission-based public performance and exhibitions, an experimental music series, an online radio station and distribution label, and education initiative, and an artist residency program and study center.
11am-8pm Winner Take All
Under the stewardship of David Hunt and Franklin Sirmans, a consortium of independent curators will pass the curatorial baton, only to square off moments later in a bare-knuckle showdown. The anchorman becomes the lead-off man becomes the man who knew too much. Rolodexes are purged as relationship-arbitrage witnesses heavy trading. Including:
The New York Museum of Complaint by Matt Bakkom–From noise to domestic violence to hysterical delusions, this room-size installation enlarges actual complaints sent to the mayor from the 19th and 20th century. Shooting Gallery by Matt Bua and Jesse Bercowetz–In a bunker-like retreat, visitors will shoot at two actors dressed in faux body-armor. Riffing on amusement-park arcades, Bua and Bercowetz attempt to express suppressed voices of dissent. Franklin Sirmans Out the Box is conceived as a momentary space for ideas dedicated to work that is fresh and improvisational. While anchored in highly personal ideas for each artist and artist group, some of the issues revolve around beauty, identity, and history. Intervention by MÖSCO, SKUF and VFR–It is the aim of the museum-based ALL CITY project to cancel and nullify, definitively, the historical and cultural anomaly that is the deliberate segregation of graffiti. The 62 is a Brooklyn-based art collaborative that combines design, agricultural experimentation, electronics and engineering, fashion, politics and fun, whose art is based on a vision of sustainable culture and that one man’s junk is another man’s dream. Kambui Olujimis Telephone– As the United States continues illegally tap citizens telephones in the name of national security, Americans are forced to live in a collective culture of fear. In a sound installation utilizing ten modified telephones, he invites visitors to eavesdrop on recorded calls. Risa Punos Vend to Own–Presenting objects that traffic ideas from private to public and back again. New and improved!! The biological virus that vends gossip. You can fill it with any and all rumors, slander, or misinformation that you can musterits free to talk as much shit as you want! Participate at your own risk. Larry Mantellos Tri-Sectional Resurrectional is a large scale, multi-media fabric construction. Contrasting avatars of childhood abandon and innocence, such as SpongeBob SquarePants and The Simpsons, with imagery of dangling marijuana leaves, Mantello epitomizes the visual gluttony of cartoon-emblazoned consumer goods. Sandra Bermudezs Luxe–At first glance, the wallpaper seems to be composed of branches, fruits, insects and flowers, but, upon taking a closer look, the landscape is comprised of Jimmy Choo shoes, Gucci handbags, and Van Cleef jewelry.
11am-8pm Perpetual Art Machine
An interactive multimedia experience and research project, integrating a cross-section of 100 submitted and selected film, video and new media. Presented by Lee Wells in collaboration with Chris Borkowski, Aaron Miller and Raphaele Shirley. PAM creates a dynamic sensory environment that allows the artist and the viewer to participate in the curatorial process both at Scope New York and on the web at
11am-8pm Performance Field
Enjoy our grassy hilltop stage created by artists Al Hamm and Jonathan Chick featuring daily performances: Lilah Freedland–The experience of autonomy in fresh air. A wholesome dangerous cast
of campers and counselors spanning the eight week summer in one day. Fresh blood, first aid, sing along, sneak out: SleepAway. Marie Lorenzs Tidal Wave–Marie Lorenz is a NYC based artist known for her (Tied and Current Taxi) and other adventurous projects in and around the East River. In (Wipe Out), a sculpture constructed for the Scope Art Fair, she brings the river to the fair. Viewers are invited to float through the sculpture on a small raft and experience the interior and exterior of a breaking wave. Babatunde Babalola–Addressing Nigerian societal problems, Babtunde will stop in different points to prepare tea while dancing. This performance will offer a satiric commentary of the struggle for survival in Nigerian society. Eloise Fornieles–The two performers stand opposite each other–their hands are on each others shoulders as they awkwardly navigate into the social greeting of a distant air kiss. Just when the sexual tension between the two becomes unbearable, the performers slowly reverse the sequence of their previous gestures until they are air kissing once more.
11am-8pm wichcraft
Craft Restaurants Chef Tom Collichios hip and award-winning sandwich bistro. wichcraft uses top-quality ingredients often from small, artisinal producers and professional cooking techniques to create a superior handheld meal. Served daily throughout the fair.
11am-8pm Press Lounge
Relax on Stark furniture from Kartell.
New York 2006 Exhibitors Open Daily March 10-13, 2006 11am-8pm
10G (NYC), 55 (Shanghai), 31GRAND (Brooklyn), Acuna-Hansen (LA), Adler (Frankfurt), Jorge Alcolea (Madrid), Andreas Binder (Munich), Angell (Toronto), Annina Nosei (NYC), Art Affairs (Amsterdam), Anna Klinkhammer (Dusseldorf), art agents (Hamburg), artMbassy (Berlin), artspace witzenhausen (Amsterdam), Ashley (Philadelphia), léo bahia (San Paulo), Beaux (Tokyo), Biagiotti Progetto Arte (Italy), Black and White (Brooklyn), Miller Block (Boston), Bonelli (Italy), Cynthia Broan (NYC), Brownbag /Osborne Samuel (SF), David Castillo (Miami), Daniel Cooney (NYC), Chinese Contemporary (London), Christopher Cutts (Toronto), curator’s office (Washington, DC), Conrads (Dusseldorf), curcioprojects (NYC), Dam, Stuhltrager (Brooklyn), Dean Project (NYC), de Soto (LA), Thomas Erben (NYC), Lukas Feichtner (Vienna) FOLEY (NYC), patrick heide (London), Huebner (Frankfurt), Iseyoshi (Japan), Ivic Butler Mulherin Project (Toronto), Jack the Pelican Presents (Brooklyn), Merry Karnowsky (LA), kasia kay (Chicago), Paul Kopeikin (LA), koelsch (Houston), Martin Kudlek (Cologne), Martin Mertens/ rekord (Berlin), Kustera Tilton (NYC), Morgan Lehman (NYC), lemon sky projects (Miami), M% (Cleveland), Magnan Emrich (NYC), Metaphor (Brooklyn), moti hasson (NYC), Nice & Fit (Berlin), James Nicholson (NYC), Pablos Birthday (NYC), PaciArte (Brescia), Poller (Frankfurt), RARE (NYC), red dot project (Miami), Romerapotheke (Zurich), Schuster (Frankfurt/Berlin), Jack Shainman (NYC), Seventeen (London), Shaheen (Cleveland), Solomon Projects (Atlanta), Staubkohler (Switzerland), Samson Projects (Boston), Stefan Stux (NYC), The Proposition (NYC), Michael Steinberg (NYC), Keith Talent (London), Turpentine (Reykjavik), Wendy Cooper (Cleveland).

Scope New York 2006 Just blocks from The Armory Show, Scopes first New York booth fair will be open daily from 11 am to 8 pm.
Scopes continued mission is to turn viewers into users. Founded in 2002, Scope gives a view of the contemporary art world available nowhere else. Scope international art fairs present up-and-coming dealers, curators, and artists, alongside museum quality programming. ( )

SCOPE Art Show
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